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How to Root Nexus 7

Updated on September 4, 2012

Android devices give out the full performance after rooting the device and Google Nexus 7 is no exception. You need to root the device to benefit from full back-up or defrosting inactive applications such as Google Wallet, Play Magazine, Play Books, Play Movies which are installed in your Nexus 7 but disappears when you are out of U.S.

Usually rooting a device is a pain in the ass but thanks to Wug's Nexus Root Toolkit, the unlocking and rooting your device becomes an easy process.

With the Nexus Root Toolkit you can unlock, root, back-up, flash roms or if needed (due to warranty reasons) you can re-lock and return your device back to stock rom


Note down your build model.
Note down your build model.

How to Root Nexus 7 (Step by Step)

  1. Go to and download and install the latest Nexus Root Toolkit software.
  2. Go to your Nexus 7 Settings -> Developer Options, check USB Debugging (this is needed to let access to your Nexus 7 from your computer) and then go to Settings-> About Tablet and note your Build Number (please see screenshot)
  3. Open the Nexus Root Toolkit, select your tablet build number from the list. You need to install your drivers first. Select your tablets build model you noted down earlier. The Automatic Driver Installing has a very detailed walk through, follow the steps and install your drivers (simply you will be asked to delete any existing driver first and then will be guided to install drivers the Root Toolkit suggests you to, just follow the guideline window)
  4. Back-up your device. I suggest you to create two back-ups, one with the System Apps, one without the System Apps (in case your restore with system apps doesn't work you can restore the other back-up file)
  5. "Unlock" your Nexus 7 from Toolkit (you need to first unlock your Nexus 7 in order to root your device. Unlocking your device also enables you to install roms but in case you just unlock and root the device you will be still using the stock rom). This will delete all your information so be sure you have your back-ups before this step.
  6. After the tablet is restarted with Unlocked Rom, Select "Root" from Toolkit. Here you go you have Unlocked and Rooted your Nexus 7. Now you can install apps requiring rooted device.

Nexus Root Toolkit Menu


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