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How to Rotate Your Screen by Key Board

Updated on July 30, 2011

Are the windows on your monitor rotated the wrong direction?

It can be frustrating when your screen accidentally flips to the wrong position. Most likely your computer is working the way it is supposed to. The display settings on your desktop can be easily changed to correct this problem. There are also quick keys to try to get your display rotated to the correct position.

  • Upside Down?

  • Vertical?

If you need to flip your monitor display back to the horizontal position, try some of the tips listed below in this hub.

Desktop Properties

Try the settings on your desktop. Right click on your desktop. Click on "properties". Click the tab "settings." Click the "advanced" button. There should be a tab that has properties for your video driver. Click under those properties and your should find a tab "display settings." Under the display settings there will be rotation information. Click on the rotation you need and press "apply." Your screen should update to the correct position you want.

Quick Keys

Try the Quick Keys - Press Ctrl and Alt and then the up Arrow Key. Try Ctrl and Alt and the side arrow key. Sometimes these quick keys will turn your monitor the right direction. You have to hold down the Alt and the Ctl keys on your keyboard. Then select either the up key, down key, or side keys to rotate the screen.

Choose Your Best Fit

Most video drivers should allow you to rotate your screen horizontally or vertically. You should be able to turn the screen 90 degrees or 180 degrees. Check your settings to find the best fit for your monitor display.

My monitor rotated or flipped on me by accident. To my surprise it was tough to figure out how to change it back, hence this hub. Hopefully this will help those who are not computer savvy (like me) figure out how to rotate their monitor with it up side down.

Quick Tip

The Quick Keys will not always work, however they are the best way to quickly change the settings on your desktop.


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