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How to Rotate a Video from your Camera Phone

Updated on July 30, 2011

Camera Mobile Phones

Hey guys, just a informative and instructional hub today, I think this may be useful to other creative/journalist people on this site as well because you never know when you are out and about and you reach for your mobile camera phone because something spontaneous has happened and you don't have your regular camera on you! So i am going to give these few tips because recently I was out and about and my friend said as we were walking past a film crew in the high street 'That's Martin Freeman, film him for your website', so in a rush I got out my mobile phone with camera positioned 'landscape' because Its relatively new I didn't realise the lens was the wrong way around.

Probably the Best Camera Phone here

Here we have a really new looking camera phone and you see that it does actually film in 'landscape', I don't know why all phones where designed to film this way because it's kind of natural instinct to position the camera the way a regular camera would be, 'landscape' and not portrait.

However, do not panic, there is a way to rotate it, regardless that it's not easy to find out how online, trust me I had to search through a number of webpages and struggle to download the right software. Firstly you will need Windows Movie Maker 2.6, here is the best link to download it, I had problems with other links:

You need this program to actually rotate the movie, but there is another step before you can proceed to do this, you must convert your camera phone video, which is probably in Mp4 or 3gp format into a wmv file. Now I can't remember exactly which program I used to achieve this but I can point you in the right direction, just vist and search for 'mp4 to wmv conversion' or even 'avi to wmv'. I can't remember exactly which program it was I used but there are quite a few I had to dig through which decided they will place a logo in the middle of the file unless you pay for the full version of their software.

my image
my image

Rotating your camera phone Video

Once you have converted your video to wmv format, you are now ready to import it into Windows Movie Maker and rotate it, It can be a bit tricky to figure out yourself if you haven't got much experience with editing software, luckily I have a good knowledge when it comes to finding my way around creative packages from my graphic design.

Once you have imported your file using the menu to the left hand side, you video will appear as an icon and in the media player to the right hand side, you want to drag the icon to the time line on the bottom of the program window. Once you have done this you must right click on the frame as illustrated in the photo above, you will have the option of 'video effects' click this and a grey box will open, scroll down a list and select 'rotate video 90 degrees'.

There you have it, your video can now be 'saved to my computer'. Upload to which ever sites you wish, shown below we have the before and after videos of my 'Martin Freeman in my city video'. OK so its not a hundred percent perfect because you have a black frame around it, but its better than no video to show people right? you can fiddle around and solve this if it's a big issue.

To conclude I would like to give you a 'Warning' for future outings, 'don't use your phone with camera in landscape', just because this 'cool dude' is sporting his flashy camera phone this way, doesn't necessarily mean all phones are designed this way! I hope this article has been of value because I know how frustrating it is to be searching the Internet for an hour or two constantly finding useless web pages with no solid advice on this matter, and want to make the 'average Joe' aware of what to do and what not to do with this technology!


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