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How to Rotate the Digital Display to Battlestyle on the Numark TTX Turntable

Updated on March 19, 2016

The Numark TTX, TTX-1, and TTX-USB Display

The manual mentions how the display can be rotated for the users personal preference but does not say how to accomplish this task. So on that note this should work with the TTX, TTX1 and TTXUSB with the blue bubble display.

Switching the Buttons and Pitch Slider to Turn Display

In order to get the display to rotate the pitch and speed buttons need to have their respective positions swapped. Which I still think this is a flaw in design on Numarks' part if you like having the pitch fader on the top of the turntable when setup in battle style.
You will need a few basic tools to get this done. I found the little screwdriver that comes with turntable cartridges is the perfect size and besides that just a couple of small flathead screwdrivers preferably wrapped in electrical tape as not to nick the paint should be enough.

  • First power down/unplug your table and let it sit for a few to discharge any remaining electricity.
  • I failed to do so in the pictures but remove your head shell so you have a little more room to remove the harnesses and don't damage your needles.
  • Pull off the pitch fader knob.
  • Remove the four screws circled in the picture. Take care not to misplace them.
  • There is a divit/indention in the middle of the pitch fader with the screws removed you can pop it and off with your tape wrapped flathead screwdriver.
  • Once the fader cover has been removed you can pull up the speed button cover from the open side.
  • Pulling up on the fader should release it pretty easily but you can also gently pry it out with your screwdriver should it need a little nudge.
  • Once they are both pulled out you can see that both sides have two harnesses to accommodate the buttons or fader. There is a small gap between the harness and plug, (circled in yellow). I would recommend twisting your screwdriver in there to loosen the plug as opposed to trying to pull it off. They are on there pretty good and I can't imagine the soldered connections can take very many changes.
  • You can tuck the unused harness back into the table and either work the harness you are about to use into the middle spot/hole or just connect them as is. There seems to be enough room under the fader/buttons for the harness to sit flat without pinching the wires, but it sits more flush with the new harness being used in the middle.
  • Put your button cover back on, the fader cover back on and screw them down. Keep in mind you are not working on a car here, just screwing them down till it stops will suffice.
  • Turn the tables on, make sure everything works and you can now read your display without cocking your head sideways.

Impression? of the Numark TTXusb

Personally I think everything on these tables is great and that is coming from 20 years of use on Technics 1200's with the exception of having to change the button and fader around just to use the screen in a battle style setup.
my first thought was to run the harness from the top to the side and vice versa so that I could keep the fader on the top. It seems the harnesses are soldered directly under the controls, so short of opening up the table and soldering in longer harnesses that idea would not work. Second thought would be to find the same style harnesses online and make a little extension. All and all it just seems like a lot of work to fix an issue that shouldn't be an issue in the first place. The screen should just rotate with the touch of a button.
That is just my little rant on these tables.

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