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How to Save Your HTC One V Battery Life

Updated on November 16, 2012
Me and my HTC One V :)
Me and my HTC One V :)

The HTC One V is an affordable and capable smartphone yet it lacks in battery, unless you know how to deal with it.

For those of you who use the HTC One V, like I do, battery life is often one of the most annoying problems to take care of. Fortunately, there are actually some tips you can try in order to prolong the battery life of this capable Android smartphone from the Taiwanese manufacturer. One rule of thumb, in this case, is not to trust the default phone settings you get out of the box. This is one common mistake of most users that they have to recharge their phone even before the end of the day.

Display Brightness and Idle Wait Time

Sure, for most gadgets or devices, display brightness consumes battery power the most. This rule is no exception to the One V as well. So, in order to save your phone's battery life, it is recommended that you turn off automatic brightness and adjust the brightness to the minimum level allowed. Of course, there’s a trade-off. With a low brightness level, you may find it kind of difficult to actually see or read what’s on the screen, especially under direct sunlight.

In addition to brightness, the screen idle wait time is important as well. As you would the brightness level, you had better adjust the idle wait time to a minimum duration. However, you may find the minimum idle wait time kind of annoying if you’re running an application that constantly needs your attention as the screen may get dark and locked every single time right before you’re about to tap on it. This will always require you to provide your password or lock pattern, too, if you have specified one. Otherwise, this should not be a problem at all.


Next thing you can do to prolong the One V battery life is to turn off insignificant sound or indicator tones. These tones include dial pad touch tones, touch sound, and screen lock sound. Adjusting the media volume to a lower level is also recommended. Additionally, you may also want to deactivate vibration feedback. Last but not least, turning off alarm every morning may as well contribute to a longer battery life, though you may find it a bit disturbing at first. Don’t forget to reactivate the alarm every night before you sleep, though. Annoying? That’s right, but this is the convenience you’ll have to sacrifice if you want to get a prolonged battery life.

Weather Service

Unknown to most users, activating the device’s weather service consumes quite a considerable amount of power. Besides, it also uses your data connection, possibly resulting in a high monthly fee if not properly managed. Therefore, if weather condition is something you couldn’t care less, deactivating this service seems quite a wise thing to do.

Account Sync

Account synchronization is the next culprit in battery draining. This is even more so if you have plenty of accounts registered on your phone. In this case, scheduled sync is really not a recommended option.

Running Applications

If you pay detailed attention to your Android smartphone, it will seem to you that every single menu you open is basically an application. Unfortunately, applications require processing power besides memory in order to run. So, the more applications you leave open, the less free memory will be available on your phone and the more processing power your phone will attempt to use. As a result, battery will drain even quicker.

Fortunately, with the HTC One V, there’s a task manager available at your disposal. Using it is pretty easy, too. All you have to do is tap on the close button located at the right hand side of each listed application. As for me myself, all I have running in the task manager are messages, android core apps, Google services, FlexNet, people, HTC account, and HTC lock screen. Of course, the task manager itself should be running as well although it isn’t listed. However, with other default applications closed, I managed to get my phone running about an entire day, from morning to night, before it begs me to plug it to a power outlet. Additionally, this also results in a faster phone performance, thanks to the higher amount of free memory available.

One last thing I would also like to suggest is to tap and hold the applications listed in the ‘recent apps’ menu and choose to remove it from the list. This is because some applications listed there are actually still running without you realizing it, even if you’re pretty sure you’ve closed them all.


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