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What to Do if You Drop Your Cell Phone in Water?

Updated on November 21, 2015

Your Wet iPhone


My Story

Last week my one year old granddaughter tossed my 3 week old iPhone in the lake. I did not even know she was in our boat as I ran up the hill to get her a drink when I heard my daughter yell no to her. The next thing I knew my husband was diving into the lake to retrieve my waterlogged iPhone. It did have an otterbox cover on it but not a life proof one which is said to be waterproof also.

I took the phone inside and dried it carefully. Water dripped from every opening. I had removed the cover first. I found all the desiccants from vitamin bottles and dry rice. After thoroughly drying the phone I placed it in a baggy with the rice. First I wrapped it in kleenex to keep rice from entering the earpiece hole etc.

After several days my phone was dry. When we returned home from the lake my husband was able to open it and remove the battery . He saw no signs of corrosion or water. We ordered a new battery which will arrive next week.

What to do first with your wet phone.

When you first find your phone in water turn it off. Remove the battery and sims card if possible. Next dry it well on the outside. Take Q-tip and dry out any openings you can.

The best place for your phone next is an emergency desiccant kit if you have one or have a hardware store nearby. Place it in the container. Use dry white rice in a baggy if that is all you have. This will act as a natural desiccant to remove water. Leave for at least 36 to 48 hours before trying to turn it on again.

Many times that will save your phone. If not you may need a new battery. If that does not work take it to your apple store.

IPhone repair Kit

How to fix your Wet phone with a new Battery

I have added two video above.I have not replaced my battery yet . I also got some pure alcohol to use if necessary. I will let you know what works. The video will assist you on how to take your phone apart and replace the battery.

My husband opened my phone and cleaned it with the recommended concentration of alcohol. We set it to try for several days. It still did not work so I ordered a new battery off ebay. The price was very reasonable . I am sorry to say it did not work with the new battery.

I made an appointment at our local apple store but unfortunately they did not take pity on me. Could have been because we tried to fix it ourselves first. I bid on a new phone on ebay and did very well.

I think there was a possibility my phone may have worked but our lake is full of iron and it sat on the bottom of the lake for at least 5 minutes while my husband put on a dive mask.

First Thinkgs to do if you Drop your phone in water

  • If you are unfortunate enough to drop your phone in the water
  • Grab it and turn it off first power it totally down if possible.
  • Dry it off well with a dry towel
  • Spin your phone around and shake out as much water as possible
  • Remove the battery
  • Have an emergency kit nearby with desiccant
  • Leave your phone in a baggy with desiccant for 48 hours.
  • Try to power it back up
  • If it does not work you can wait another day or so.
  • Take it to your Apple store and plead for mercy.
  • Follow the steps above with denatured alcohol if Apple will not help.

Have you Been able to Reuse A Wet iPhone

If you have dropped your iPhone in Water were you successful in getting it functional again

See results

The Phone That Keeps on Working.

Motorola Blackberry
Motorola Blackberry

Motorola Blackberry Keeps on Working

One really interesting bit of information is that my husband has been us using a blackberry for years. He has dropped in 20 feet of water and run it through the washer and dryer and it still works. Go figure. If you have any theories to why this phone does so well in water please leave a note below. Good luck with your iPhone.

We put the new battery in my poor drowned phone with no success. Next my husband used the recommended last ditch effort and cleaned it with 99% alcohol solution to no avail. It would start to work but then overheat.. We think there was a short in it somewhere. Wish you all the best with your wet phones!!!! I bought a new one on ebay!!!!


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