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How to Save a Wet Cell Phone

Updated on February 20, 2015
Your cell phone can accidentally get submerged into water; learn how to save a wet cell phone
Your cell phone can accidentally get submerged into water; learn how to save a wet cell phone | Source

It is not unusual that your cell phone can accidentally get submerged into water especially at the sink. Other times when a cell phone can come into contact with water is at the swimming pool, during washing, when it is raining and many other unfortunate incidences.

Water damage to your cell phone is usually not covered by the warranty. As a matter of fact, many smartphones have a sticker which changes color upon getting contact with water. Any color changes on the sticker voids the warranty on the phone. It is therefore upon an individual to act fast and try to salvage the smartphone.

A wet cell phone can be saved if action is taken very fast. Swift action will be the difference between a dead phone and a functional phone. It is therefore not all bad news when your android smartphone or iPhone or Windows phone accidentally submerges in water. Here are a number of steps which will help you save a wet android phone.

Do not panic. Your first action should be taking the phone out of water as fast as possible. This intervention will ensure that water does not get into the phone and water log the interior via the numerous ports on the phone. The longer the phone stays in water, the higher the likelihood of the phone being permanently damaged.

Follow up by immediately switching off the cell phone and removing the battery. Leaving the cell phone switched on will cause irreparable damage because it will short circuit. Acting quickly will account for the difference in salvaging the situation. Most components and internal circuits can survive contact with water provided they were not powered.

If the cell phone had fallen into salty water, rinse it in fresh water after taking out the battery, SIM card and other peripherals. The reason is that when salty water dries out, it will leave behind crystals which will damage components of the cell phone.

A towel or paper towel can be used to pad the wet cellphone dry
A towel or paper towel can be used to pad the wet cellphone dry | Source

After removing the battery, remove the SIM card as well. This timely action will save your valued contacts and any other data contained within the SIM card. Most SIM cards can survive water damage but what we are emphasizing is the timely intervention. For many people, the SIM card is more treasured and should be saved over the phone itself. Dry it with a paper towel and leave it to dry out completely.

With the battery out of the way, the remaining single intention is to get the phone dry. The longer moisture stays, the more the chances of corrosion damaging the phone. Drying should be done as quickly as possible. Use paper towels to pad the phone dry on the exterior without forcing the towels into any of the ports.

Try forcing all moisture out with an air compressor or a vacuum cleaner. They will suck water out of the interior of the cell phone. A lot of care should be exercised when using the vacuum cleaner or air compressor to avoid further damage to the phone. Anything that emits heat should be entirely avoided such as hair dryers, ovens and microwaves. They will melt components of the smartphone.

Uncooked rice works well as a desiccant to help save a wet cellphone
Uncooked rice works well as a desiccant to help save a wet cellphone | Source

As a final step, the use of desiccant will guarantee that any remaining moisture will be entirely wiped out. Good desiccants are silica gel packets and uncooked rice which can be readily available in the house. Acting fast is of essence in order to save a wet android phone. Leaving the phone in the rice bowl or in silica gel overnight will dry out all remaining moisture. Alcohol is not an applicable desiccant since it might dissolve components on the phone.

Further wrap the phone with absorbent material to check whether all moisture has been removed. If signs of moisture can still be detected, you may have to repeat the above steps all over again.

Save a Wet Cell Phone

After the wait and following through the steps, you can now test the android phone. Wipe out all dust and check to see that the phone is completely dry. Insert the battery and switch on the phone. Check whether the phone functions properly and listen for any noises. If the phone functions well, you will have successfully saved the wet android phone.

If the phone does not work, try plugging it to the charger and switching it on. If the cell phone functions, then replace the battery since it might be dead. If the cell phone doesn’t work, visit an authorized dealer and be truthful in providing information on the genesis of the problem. The technicians will be in a better position to fix the problem.


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  • KathyH profile image

    KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

    This is so interesting! I've never dropped a phone into water but know people who have. You've provided some incredibly helpful, smart tips! Voted up and sharing! :)

  • Ceres Schwarz profile image

    Ceres Schwarz 4 years ago

    This is a very helpful hub on what to do and how to fix a cell phone if it somehow gets wet. This will be very useful for those that have experienced accidentally getting their cell phones wet. You're right about not panicking as that won't help at all. It's definitely important to act as quickly as possible and remove your phone from the water so it won't get anymore wet than it already was.

  • Ericdierker profile image

    Eric Dierker 4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

    Excellent. A great refresher. Speed, power down and no heat --- and then patience. Very well laid out. Thank you.