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How to Use Your Search Engine Commands to Effectively Search the Internet

Updated on January 25, 2013

Using Search Engines Effectively

Using search engines effectively to find goods or services whether that search engine is Google, Bing, Yahoo,or any other one is a fast way to locate what you need. Ever since the Internet became accessible to the general public the use of search engines has grown by leaps and bounds. Just about everybody uses a search engine when they sit down at their computer to start browsing for information. They have radically streamlined the process of finding whatever it is you're looking for. Whether you're shopping for a new car, a diamond ring, or one of the many electronic marvels such as an iPhone or an Amazon Kindle you can find whatever you want quickly and easily when you know how to search the internet efficiently.

Choosing Your Keywords

Anyone can simply enter a few keywords into the search box and the next thing you know a whole list of possible sources appears on your screen. All you have to do is sort through the 1,467,000 possible pages that have been listed that contain your keywords. Not a problem, right? You just sit down and begin sorting through the pages for the next 15 to 20 years.

When you really begin to understand the power of search engines you will learn how to search the Internet efficiently and can begin to utilize them to perform accurate searches. This will enable you to locate what you're looking for quickly and provide you with a variety of sources to choose from. The key is being able to narrow those choices down to give you a legitimate selection, and not just a bunch of fluff that blackhat SEO experts want to send you to.

Internet Search Engine Strategies

There are a number of Internet search strategies that can be used. If you know how to do a keyword search, then you know how important it is to enter the correct words in the search engine search box.

For example, I recently needed to purchase a new starter for my ATV. I began my Internet searching by entering keywords such as “ATV starter” into my search engine. Now I know that “ATV starter” is a pretty broad search. However I wanted to begin by investigating what that search would bring.

From there, I narrowed my Internet searching to more specific keywords by entering the make and model of the vehicle. In this case it was a 2002 Bombardier Traxter. The next step was to narrow it down even more with more keywords such as “2002 Bombardier Traxter starter”. This search would generally take me to Bombardier parts suppliers such as ATV dealers. Using this method I eventually located several suppliers that had starters priced in the $400 range. Needless to say I was a little shocked! I can buy a starter for my truck for approximately $120 at a local aftermarket auto parts supplier. So I was shocked to see $400. I knew recreational vehicle parts were more expensive to begin with but I was still shocked at $400 for a starter.

So I started to expand my search to aftermarket parts suppliers similar to auto parts. I changed my keywords to “ATV parts suppliers”. That did not seem to help any. Again the same results appeared. Primarily, when I did a search for anything related to the ATV manufacturer I ended up with ATV dealers as the parts source.

Think Outside the Box

The next step was to think outside the box. In this case, I removed the starter from the ATV and inspected it for a specific starter manufacturer name and part number. Recreational vehicle manufacturers along with many other manufacturers are very similar to auto manufacturers in using parts manufactured by other companies. They purchase the parts from independent suppliers and then simply install them at the factory when they assemble the vehicle.

When I entered the starter manufacturer name and part number into the search box it came up with much different results. Now instead of locating ATV dealer parts sources I was given starter manufacturers and suppliers. The very same people that the dealers and or manufacturers purchase their parts from. In this case I was able to locate a starter distribution facility that sold parts directly to the public and was able to purchase the exact replacement starter that was originally in the vehicle at a cost of $100. This was not a rebuilt or re-manufactured part, or a generic substitute part, this was the exact manufacturer name and part number that corresponded to the original starter that I removed.

You can also use this method to locate “hard to find” items. I used this method to find parts for a 10 year old Remington electric shaver that I found lost in a drawer. When I did a search for parts for a Remington electric shaver I was not able to locate any “parts suppliers” for electric shaver's. However, in this example I did not have a part manufacturer name, but I did have a part number. I simply did a Google search for the part number and was able to locate exactly what I needed. I did have to sort through a few listings to find the correct part because there were several items that had identical part numbers, but only a few. The savings in this case was about $60.

Specific Detail Works the Best

In summary of these examples is: If you need replacement parts for anything, rather than doing your searches based on brand name and part description you may discover better results using the specific part number corresponding to the exact part manufacturers name. You can do the same thing with appliances, electronics ( especially computer equipment ), auto parts, and a whole assortment of other devices. If you can get it apart and locate a specific part number the better your chances of using your search engine to efficiently locate exactly what you need.

This method works the same no matter what type of information you are looking for. It can be replacement parts, new merchandise, or research data for a college term paper. Whatever it is you are looking for, an effective search with your search engine will save you time for sure, and maybe even some money as well.


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