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How to Send Orkut Friend Request?

Updated on February 11, 2011

Basic Thing To Do at Orkut

Orkut is the favorite social network in India and Brazil. Social network is very helpful to stay connected with your new and old friends. If you are new Internet user, it would be difficult for you to use Internet websites. New Indian Internet users mostly prefer to use Email and Orkut in the beginning of their online Internet presence. The most basic thing that we could do over Orkut is Sending a friend request to our friend. Now, the question arises is that how to send a friend request to a friend at Orkut?

Send Orkut Friend Request

Orkut Friend Request
Orkut Friend Request
Write message, add to a group and send orkut friend request to your friend
Write message, add to a group and send orkut friend request to your friend

How to Send a Friend Request on Orkut?

Following are the steps to send Orkut friend request.

  1. Open
  2. Select a friend whom you want to send a friend request.
  3. In front of the name of your friend, you will see the option "add as friend". Click this Option. The new window will get opened.
  4. Write a message to your friend while sending an Orkut friend request. Example, you may make him remember the relation between you, if you are visiting after a long time. Writing this message is not a compulsory thing to do.
  5. You may include or list your friend in a specific group of friends like college, school etc. This is also optional and you can modify it later on.
  6. Finally, press 'Send' button and your Orkut friend request will be sent to your friend.
  7. When your friend is online, he will respond to your friend request.

This is the procedure of sending Orkut friend request. I hope you found this article helpful. Please share it with your friends by using sharing option given at the end of this article.


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