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How to Set Up Web Hosting, a Domain, and Wordpress

Updated on May 14, 2014

If you are looking to make your own website, the first place you need to start is to set up web hosting and domain. If you are just making a website to mess around right now and you want to practice your new skills, I would advise using a free domain and hosting. is a good free host that will give you a subdomain where you can practice, so if you are going to just be practicing, sign up there, go to hosting, create new, subdomain, and then set it up as you please from there.

If you are setting up a full website with a .com domain and hosting it on a separate website, you will have to do a little more work. The first thing you will have to do once you get a domain and hosting (check the bottom for recommended domain and hosting companies) is go to the account where you registered the domain name. Either click on your domain name under "Domains" or look for something that says "DNS". Whenever you get there, it should look something like this.

Setting Up Domain and Web Hosting (Continued)

Once you get here, go to the place where you got your web hosting. Since you just purchased/signed up, it should say something about changing your nameservers. Usually what you are looking for is,, etc. When you find these nameservers, copy and paste them into the boxes like the ones seen above and click continue. Your nameservers should update within a few minutes, although it has taken me hours before. Once you can visit your site without having any error messages in your web browser, you know that everything has been configured correctly and you are ready to start setting up your website. Stay tuned for the next steps on how to set up your own website. If you have any confusion, here is a video to help you with this setup.

Best Hosting and Domains

Best paid web hosting:

Cheapest Domain Names: (Use this link and get 30% off all new products)

Websites Recommended for free hosting:

Websites for free domain names: (Free .tk domain name)

Installing Wordpress

Once you have your domain name and web hosting setup, it is time to install your website software. I am going to be using WordPress because it is by far the best free website software out there and it has thousands and thousands of plugins and themes to choose from, making it very powerful.

Some web hosting providers will have an auto installer that will go ahead and set up WordPress for you, so be sure to check in your web hosting cPanel for that.

Once you open your auto installer, it should give you the option to install wordpress. Select wordpress, enter whatever you want the administrative username and password to be, give the directory of your website you want it to be in (you will want it to be your main page so don’t enter anything after the last slash of your domain name) and the auto installer will do the rest of the work. It should give you your mySQL login credentials so right those down somewhere as you may need them sometime in the future is you decide to transfer web hosts or something like that. Here is a video on how to install wordpress with an auto installer (Just select WordPress instead of MyBB).

Manually Installing Wordpress

For people using a web host that does not include an auto installer (such as 000Webhost) you will have to install wordpress for yourself. Start by going to either the file manager in your cPanel or setting up an FTP client from your computer. Once you are there, go to and download the latest version of wordpress. Upload that file to your web hosting using your file manager/FTP client and unzip the contents in the main directory of your website. Once you have extracted the files and moved all the files from the wordpress folder to your home folder, go to your website, it should look something like this picture.

Now go back to your web hosting cPanel and click on MySQL Databases. Add a new database and set the database name, username, and password to whatever you want them to be, then click “Create”. Once you have set that up, copy and paste the info into a notepad to save incase you need to use them later. Now copy and paste the info into the form on your website shown by wordpress. For most websites the database host will be the default setting, localhost, but some websites like have their own MySQL host, such as Once you have filled in all the information, click submit, and then on the next page click “Run the Install”. Once you have done this the rest should be self explanatory; fill in your admin info and website title and your website will be up and running and ready for you to start web designing. For video instructions on how to do this check out the video below.


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