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How to Set up Personal Web Site at Home with Virgin Media Broadband?

Updated on April 7, 2010

I use Virgin Media Broadband with a  Netgear Wireless  router for my home network to connect three laptops. In this article I haven't talked about port forwarding, and other issues related to setting up a Personal Web Site at home.

Basically, If I want to set up a website accessible from Internet at home,  all I have to do are:

Use Web Platform Installer to Install all softwares needed to setup my home page

The Microsoft Web Platform Installer 2.0 (Web PI) is a free tool that makes getting the latest components of the Microsoft Web Platform, including Internet Information Services (IIS), SQL Server Express, .NET Framework and Visual Web Developer easy. The Web PI also makes it easy to install and run the most popular free web applications for blogging, content management and more with the built-in Windows Web Application Gallery which include Wordpress, Joomla!

Open System Service Port 80 to outside

Now I have setup my amazing website on his own laptop, but I found that it isn't accessable from the internet. Some people suspect if Virgin Media blocked the inbound access of port 80. Actually, VirginMedia doesn't block any port, you firewall does. 

You have to configure your system port on your Firewall. I use McAfee Personal Firewall. This is how I modify inbound and outbound network access of my system service port 80:

  • On the McAfee SecurityCenter pane, click Internet & Network, then click Configure.
  • On the Internet & Network Configuration pane, under Firewall protection is enabled, click Advanced.
  • On the Firewall pane, click System Services.
  • In the System Services pane, under Ports and System Services, tick "Inbound TCP/IP ports", this is the standard HTTP Web Server port.
  • Click OK.

Set up port forwarding

First I have to asign static IP private address (192.168.x.x) to my laptops. In my Netgear router admin center, find Attached Devices, I can see  IP Address, Device Name and MAC (Media Access Control) Address for each computer attached to the router.

Then go to Port Forwarding to redirect internet access request to my Web Site Server. The most common services you would provide are Web (HTTP) server or FTP server. To setup a computer or server to be accessible to the Internet for an Internet service:

  • Select the Internet service  you want to use from the Service Name list.
  • Type the IP address of the computer in the Server IP Address box.
  • Click Add.

Here we add the address asigned in the previous step.

Set up Domain Name with Registrar

Virgin Media only give you dynamic IP addresses, but actually its IP's Sticky, that means they are generally associated to you unless something hardware related changed (your MAC address). When this changes, so does the IP. So your IP address almost as static as REAL static IP, 

So I don't need a dynamic DNS service, I register my domain name with enom, I  assign one of my subdomain to point to  IP adress. Now people can type my domain name visit my website hosted at my home coputer.

My wife asked, have figure out how to set up a web site on our laptop? Great! but, can I turn off my computer? I want to save electricity!


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    • jim.sheng profile imageAUTHOR

      Dalriada Books Ltd 

      7 years ago from UK

      When you installed SQL Express Server, which credential do you choose, Windows integrated Security or Specified? You may have to edit Database connection string in IIS server, specify the server IP address, database name, and credentials method.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice Article.

      I have a question though. How would you set up an SQL Express server to accept connections from a remote webpage script?

      - The computer which runs this sql server is connected to the internet via a wireless router.

      - Successful port forwarding for HTTP proves that this computer can be used a website host.

      - TCP/IP is enable on the SQL Browser and Port 1433 is open.

      I feel I need to specify a correct forwarding on the router to be able to access this sql server. What am I missing?


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Actually, VM do block some ports.

      To be exact they block four incoming ports from the 130 range (i think 133,135,137,139?)

      A common thing many firewalls do nowadays, something to do with windows being vulnerable?

    • Cable UK profile image

      Cable UK 

      7 years ago from Staffordshire, UK

      This is very good. nice work.

    • profile image


      8 years ago


    • profile image

      8 years ago

      Thanks a lot, very helpfull article. :)


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