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How to Share Clipboard Between Computer and Phone

Updated on March 18, 2018

We often use the copy and cut functions to avoid manually inputting words or images on our device. Thanks to clipboard; it’s easier to save notes or other media content from one place to another. However, this does not allow you to share what you copied to a different platform. Say for example, you’ve found an article on your computer and you want to read it using your phone. Even though you copy the whole thing, you won’t be able to paste it on your mobile. For this reason, here’s a feasible way to move clipboard between computer and phone.


There are other ways on how to do this but some comes with a price. AirMore is an online application that helps one to transfer files between their Android/iOS and Windows/Mac. The latest update of the app brings a new function which is the clipboard. This will allow you to transfer clipboard from computer to mobile phone and the other way around. To know how, follow the instructions below.

Connect Android/iOS and computer using AirMore

  1. First, download and install AirMore on your Android/iOS. You can search for the app from the Google Play Store and App Store.
  2. Next, access the site from any browser then click Launch AirMore Web to connect.
  3. Choose between these two methods to connect your phone to AirMore web.
    Scan the code. Open the mobile app and hit the scan to connect button. Use your phone’s camera to scan the code displayed on your computer screen.
    Utilize the Radar function. On the website, click on Radar and open AirMore on your Android/iOS. Once your phone has been detected, tap on it.

Transfer text from AirMore mobile app to computer

  1. Upon connecting your phone, you can already share text. Simply copy any phrase on your phone then the app will automatically sync your data.
  2. Now, check all your copied contents by going to Clipboard tab on your AirMore Web.

Transfer text from AirMore webpage to Android/iOS

  1. To do the opposite, make sure that your phone is connected to your AirMore Web.
  2. On the main interface of the page, hit the Clipboard button.
  3. From here, press the “Add” button located at the top of your screen then paste or insert any content that you want or need to share.
  4. Finally, click on “Save to Phone” or simply press Ctrl+Enter. To view it on your phone, open AirMore app and go to More > Clipboard.

Additional information:

If you want to delete all your copied files, you may open the AirMore app then click "More" > "Clipboard" > "Clear". Or, you can navigate to the webpage and hit "Clipboard". Check all the files you want to remove and hit Delete button. In case you want to share them to your friends, just run the AirMore mobile app and hit "More" > "Clipboard". Find the sharing icon and tap on it.


Pushbullet is another application that might come on handy in transferring clipboard from computer to smartphone and vice versa​. With this, you will find copying from different devices super convenient and fast. So, without anymore ado, here’s how to sync your clipboard on computer and mobile phone.

  1. First step is to download and install Pushbullet on your Android or iOS devices.
  2. Upon launching the application, you will be notified if you want to use your Google account for clipboard sharing.
  3. Once you selected the account that you will use, enable notification mirroring service.
  4. From the main screen, navigate to "Settings" > "Advanced Settings". Turn on "Universal Copy & Paste".
  5. Now that your app is ready, install the desktop version of Pushbullet on your Windows and Mac.
  6. After the program loads, hit "Log in with Google" > "Accept". This will then sync all your mobile notes.
  7. Lastly, right click on the system tray then choose "Universal Copy & Paste".


These two tools mentioned above can help you transfer clipboards between computer and smartphones. Both offer an efficient and effective way to share your copied text from one platform to another. If you have any questions or suggestions, drop a quick reply on the comment box.

© 2018 Michaela Joy


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