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How to Remove "Ads Not by This Site" Ads

Updated on November 15, 2015

Great Annoyance

Are you seeing "how to reduce belly fat" ads or some annoying ads like this on Youtube, Facebook, or Wikipedia, then there is a high chance that you have this problem, see how to easily remove it! Just look below these ads and you will see in small letters "Ads not by this site". If yes, then go ahead and try this method to easily remove these ads not by this site ads. These sites are so irritating that they will show ads not based on your interest or preference, but based on their advertisers. These are ads injected into your browsers. Here I will go through how to remove these ads from Firefox and Chrome.

Spam Ads

These are ads injected into your browsers by spammers. It is so irritating when you see ads of this sort in your browser. These ads irritated me so much that I went to the extent of thinking about formatting my computer, but just then I wanted to give one more try on Google search and one of the forums clearly told that these are spam ads and the culprit would most probably be in the Extensions or Add-on's of the browser. This helped me to venture in the right direction and within hours my computer was free of these ads and here I am writing in hopes of helping of someone who is really irritated like me.

Google Chrome

Let's see how to remove these ads from Google Chrome. Go to Customize and Control button at the top-most right hand side of your browser and then click Tools and Extension. Now, the Extensions tab will be opened. Look for the extensions that start with Save, Save it, Save as or something like that and then delete the extension. That's it and this would successfully remove Ads not by this site ads.

Small List of Frequently Trouble Causing Extensions

Below is a list of frequent trouble producing extensions to give you a clear idea about what to search for in your extensions tab.

  • 1 Click Downloader
  • Click 2 Save
  • CodecC
  • CodecM Coupon Dropdown
  • Coupon Companion
  • Deals Plugin
  • Extension Facebook Dislike
  • Iminent
  • With Java plug-ins
  • Media Plugin Privacy SafeGuard
  • Protector by IB
  • SaveAs
  • Save-It Search-newTab
  • TheBflix5.0
  • TheBflix Class
  • Vid-Saver Vuze
  • Widgi
  • Yontoo
  • YouTube Plus
  • ZoomEx
  • ZoomIt
  • Adobe Flash Player 11 activeX


Let's see how to remove these ads from the mighty Firefox. In Firefox click Tools > Add-ons. Look for any of the above-mentioned extensions in the Add-ons and Disable and Remove them. This will remove the ad from Firefox and you may have to restart Firefox.

Are the ads still there?

Are the ads still there in your browser? Now, you should look for some softwares like the ones in the above-mentioned list in the Add or Remove Programs of Control Panel of Windows and uninstall those softwares. Below are the links to the help articles to help you to remove these softwares from Windows XP or Windows 2007.


Though this method worked for me, there is no guarantee that this would work for you also, but I hope that this works for you :)

Was the above video not playing? Watch the below one


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