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How to Stop Unwanted Calls to your Home

Updated on January 12, 2013

Stop Unwanted Telemarketing Calls

It's an old story about unwanted telemarketing calls. In the middle of dinner the phone rings, you get up to answer the phone and it is just some automated dialer offering you something you don't want or worse yet during political season, the non stop phone calls telling you to vote for this person or that person.

Wouldn't it be nice to find a way to stop those calls? We'll show you a couple of ways to stop all those calls and maybe even how to fight some of the unwanted telemarketers.

Do Not Call List

Most everyone is aware of the Do Not Call List. If you don't, you can visit a website or call a phone number and have your phone number put on a list that is sent to telemarketers that you do not wish to be called.

To register by phone, just dial 888-382-1222 from the phone you wish to register. It works for both you home phone and cell phone.

You can also go on-line and visit the do not call website. Just visit the website, fill out the form to register your phone number(s).


You can also use technology to create your own Do Not Call list. Many VOIP solutions include a blocked call feature. This features allows you to register a phone number as a number to block. Blocking means next time someone from that phone number calls you, they will get a busy signal. You hope after a while, they get the hint and stop calling or at the very least you get the can rest comfortably knowing that you won't hear from them again so long as they call from the same number.

Secret Phrase to Stop Telemarketers

Assuming you have already put your name on the do not call list, if you are still getting calls, the most important thing you need to know, is that you have rights. For instance, if you say this exact phrase to a telemarketer, they must by law stop calling you.

Wouldn't you like to know that magic phrase to stop telemarketers in their tracks. Now it must be this exact phrase. Not something close. The phrase is 'Put my number on your don't-call list.' At that point the telemarketer should end the call and put you on their do not call list.

Filing a Complaint

Now sometimes they will still try to argue with you or convince you to give them to hear you out. if they don't hang up, you need to do a couple of things and then file a complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission.

  1. If you have caller ID, write down the phone number and approximate time of call.
  2. Next, see if you can get the name of the person who is talking to you, write that name down. Then ask to speak to the supervisor.
  3. Ask the supervisors name, write it down. Tell the supervisor you gave the telemarketer the magic request and you were not obliged. Ask that supervisor to put your number on the do not call list.
  4. Visit the FTC's complaint page and file a complaint with the FTC. You will need all your notes including numbers and times/dates when the incident happened.

Want more help with Telemarketers

Well sometimes these telemarketers really get under your skin. You have 2 choices you can fight back further or just let it go. How do you fight back. Well you can take a little skin out of their hide so to speak. How you ask? Take something away from the telemarketing company.

Time for Telemarketers

The most important asset for a telemarketer is time. It is just a numbers game for them. If they make enough calls, sooner or later they will find someone who will buy from them. If you use up their time, they can not make as many calls. So if you take their time, you take their lifeblood...and by the way save others from having to deal with these telemarketers.

Having Fun with Telemarketers

My suggestion here is to have fun with the Telemarketers. You can Google for more ideas but I like to do a couple of things. Before I tell you my favorite things let me warn you, that you should do nothing malicious or illegal, I'm just suggesting that you take their time.

In the past what I would to is just talk to them and play the cat and mouse game never giving any information but asking them questions to get them off their game. That got tiring and you have to be in the right mood.

My next ploy was to talk for like 15 second then tell the person to hang on the water is boiling over or make some other excuse. Put the phone down and go back to what you were doing. Sometimes you can hear them saying 'hello?' It is good for a laugh.

I've recently found a better version of that ploy. It happened when my daughter was in Kindergarten. We had a Halloween movie call Spookly the Square Pumpkin. It has one of those annoying songs that you can't get out of your head. Well, the telephone rang and the annoying song was on the TV. I did the boiling over ploy but this time put the phone down by the TV. I heard the person saying, "Hello? Is anyone there?" "What is going one here?" I was just laughing my butt off.

Now I have a couple of kids tapes waiting for any telemarketer who doesn't hang up for me. Nothing vicious, Nothing illegal there. Just eating up time. Saving my fellow victims from having to deal with some of these calls.

More Serious Options for Telemarketers

Well if you aren't satisfied with filing a complaint or messing with the telemarketer, then you still have options. You can sue a telemarketer. There are a number of resources you can find online. One example is the "Kill the Calls" site.

Inside you will find a serious dialog on how to deal with telemarketers, including some of what was covered here as well as how to sue the company.

The options are out there. It is up to you which course of action you decided to take. Either way, you can do something about telemarketer and take control of your situation.


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    • Tom T profile image

      Tom T 5 years ago from Orange County, CA


      Thanks for commenting. Yes the more senior citizens are especially vulnerable. It is sad that society preys upon that part of society. Thanks again for adding to the conversation.

    • Rod Marsden profile image

      Rod Marsden 5 years ago from Wollongong, NSW, Australia

      I will put down a useful and an interesting. Good to know how to stop legitimate telemarketers. The con artists that prey on the old are not so easily stopped.

      A few years ago my dad got a call from from some overseas crook telling him that his computer was about to go belly up but that they could save it. All they needed was access to his computer plus his credit card details. He told them quite honestly that he didn't have a computer and they hung up. One can imagine an old person or a possibly a teenager giving out such details to save their computer only to wind up losing all their savings as well as having their identity information sold on the black market.