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How to Sync iTunes To Android Phone

Updated on May 23, 2013
Learn how to sync iTunes to android phone and enjoy your collection of music
Learn how to sync iTunes to android phone and enjoy your collection of music | Source

Apples iTunes offers numerous songs, movies, shows, videos and many audio and visual media. These media are all made exclusive to Apple users. Many people will therefore ask how the entertainment can be enjoyed across other platforms. It is possible to sync iTunes to an android phone and continue enjoying your collection of music and videos.

Getting to sync iTunes to your android phone is probably an easy undertaking. There are various methods which can be used. They will involve the use of apps to ensure that iTunes playlist can as well be enjoyed on android. The many apps available will help an individual to achieve different levels of functionality with the iTunes. Some people intend to make the big switch from iTunes to android ecosystem and carry all their entertainment material. Further still, some people intend to continue using iTunes but be in a positions to sync their playlists to their android devices.

The use of apps is perhaps the easiest way to sync iTunes and all your iTune playlist to an android phone. Good examples of apps used to sync iTunes to android are iSyncr and doubleTwist. Here explained in this article is how you can use the doubleTwist app to sync iTunes to android devices.

DoubleTwist is a fabulous app that can actually sync iTunes to android by syncing the Mac to your android device. The app will provide a complexity of functions as a player, photo gallery, and other functions in between.

The doubleTwist app for Mac allows you to sync iTunes to android phone
The doubleTwist app for Mac allows you to sync iTunes to android phone | Source

You will be required to download the doubleTwist app for Mac and the doubleTwist app for android. Follow through all instructions to install the app in the Mac. Once the installation is complete, an individual can use doubleTwist as a media player and a photo viewer.

For the installation on your android phone, find the doubleTwist app for android on Google Play. Download the app into your android phone and install the application. On the main screen, there is a download link for Mac or PC that you can send to your email in case you had not downloaded before.


After you have downloaded the doubleTwist app for the devices, connect the android phone to the Mac using the USB cable. The connection type should be selected as ‘Disk Drive’ and you will see a new storage button on the Mac screen. The app will recognize the android storage and will provide a prompt to sync your iTunes music and media to your phone. You will have the choice to make your selection, whether to sync the photos, music and videos. For the syncing of music, click on ‘Sync music to device’ option.

Sync iTunes to your Android Phone

After completing the syncing of music, you will be in a position to check and confirm if the process was successful. Click on the left hand side of the doubletwist app for Mac menu and on the device name click on the sub-menu ‘Music’ and check through the list.

The advantage of the doubleTwist app is that it will save on the time and effort spent to transfer music files from the Mac and storing them in your android phone over and over again. In addition, when you sync iTunes to an android phone with the doubleTwist app, you get a multiplayer application to play and view different media.


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