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How to Tell if a Website or Blog is NoFollow

Updated on November 29, 2010


Hey guys. This Hub is going to be short and to the point. Just wanted to share with everyone a trick that I use when I am commenting on blogs owe websites that tells me if they give Dofollow or Nofollow links.

For all newbies, a nofollow link is simply a link that you leave on another site that is pointing to your website that does not provide you with the the benefit of helping your own site get higher search engine rankings or page rank. A nofollow link is disregarded or ignored (for the most part, debates exist) by search engines. It was introduced by Google to apparently reduce spam (idiotic in my opinion).

So in order to get the benefits from blog commenting and backlink building, it is important to leave links that are dofollow, i.e. those that DO provide you with the benefits of helping you achieve higher rankings in search engines and higher PR.

How I Do It

Simple. I use FireFox with a plugin called "NoDoFollow". Just go ahead and install this plugin as a Firefox Addon. Follow the instructions on the page that is linked above. Super easy. Then, when you are sitting down to a backlinking session, just right click anywhere on the page in FireFox and click NoDoFollow to turn it on. All of a sudden, you will see you page light up in blues and reds.

What is does is that is highlights all Nofollow links in red and all Dofollow links in blue. So when you are looking at a blog, notice the link that the comments left by other people point to, if they are blue, then this is a dofollow blog and will give you a solid backlink. If it is red, then it is a nofollow blog.


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    • trishool profile image

      trishool 7 years ago from Delhi

      agree 100% dabeaner

    • dabeaner profile image

      dabeaner 7 years ago from Nibiru

      Good tip.

      Another alternative, for Firefox, is Seo4FireFox. After installing that, you can toggle showing "no follow" or not from the status bar. Also, in the toolbar (where you have the "back", "reload", etc. buttons), after installing Seo4FireFox, you can then install a "NF" toggle button just as you would any of the other buttons available.

      IMPORTANT WARNING: As far as I know, any comment links made by readers, even their handles, in your blog posts using the Google blogs (blogger/blogspot) are ALL "no follow". At least in the templates supplied by Google. I don't know about custom blogger/blogspot templates.

      Unfortunately, I have several of those blogs. Any new blogs of mine will be WordPress where WE have control. As far as I'm concerned, making comments on Google blogs is a waste of time.

      Google has discarded their startup slogan of "Do No Evil". They are just another corporate a-hole today.