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How to Text on Your Cell Phone-A Guide to Texting and Abbreviations LOL

Updated on November 17, 2010

So, my parents asked me to make this hub, as they are like the millions of other parents across the country and the world that are finding it hard to keep up with the new age of communication. They have gotten control of emailing, but the latest communication craze, texting, is still out of their reach. Hopefully, by the end of this hub, they, and you, will be able to text like a teenager, LOL (laugh out loud; we will get to that later.)


Text messaging is a very simple concept; in effect, it is a merely a very short email sent to a cell phone. Generally, texts are short-less than 160 characters-and require responses. Most cell service providers allow for a maximum of 160 characters to be sent per message. That is to say that you may have up to 160 letters, numbers, spaces, and symbols per message. There are two ways to enter a message into a phone: using the ABC setting or the T9word setting. To start a message, go to the Messaging folder on your phone and choose New Message. It will ask you to enter either a name from your contacts or a cell phone number. Now it's time to enter your message.

ABC Setting

The ABC setting was the original way that phone makers allowed users to enter texts. It relies on the letters found on the keypad of your cell phone ie. the abc underneath the number 2. To enter a message using the ABC setting, you simply push the number corresponding to the letter that you want. However, as there are 3 letters per number, you need to push the number multiple times if you want to key a certain letter that isn't the first letter in the sequence. For instance, if you wanted to key in the letter 'b' you push the number 2 twice. The first time you push it, it will key in an 'a'. The second time that you push it, it turns into a 'b'. To enter a period, exclamation point, question mark, or any other symbol, press the number 1. The first time it's pressed it keys in a period. The second is usually a question mark, depending on your provider. Ok; let's practice. Try to key in "texting is fun. lol", keeping track of what buttons you push. Now let's check our work. It should be: 833998444664 4447777 33388661 555666555. It takes a lot of practice, but the ABC function is a pretty handy tool, especially if you're keying in an abbreviation or slang.


T9word is a pretty ingenious invention. It works to prevent you from having to push each number key more than once to key in a letter that isn't first in its set of three. Instead of having to push the number 2 twice to get the letter 'b', you only have to push it once. This brings up the question of how you know what word you're entering. Basically, each phone has in it a dictionary of words that can all be spelled by the same combination of key strokes. For instance, both 'care' and 'case' can by spelled by the same combination of key strokes: 2273. The phone is programmed to enter the most used word first. If the first word isn't the word that you want, press the 'next' button. This will switch to the next word; again, if that isn't the word you want, press the 'next' button again. As in the ABC section, you need to press the 1 button to key in a period or other symbol. Different though, instead of pressing it twice to key in a question mark, you press it once and then press the 'next' button. Another practice: 'texting is fun. lol'. Answer: 8398464 47 3861 565. Awesome. Now we're texting.


Now let's get those basic texting abbreviations down, so you'll be able to actually understand the texts that you're sent.

txt=text message

pix=pictures or picture message

LOL=laughing out loud

ROFL=rolling on floor laughing

gtg=got to go

ttyl=talk to you later


ily=i love you




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    • profile image


      17 months ago

      There is a God.... Thank You!

    • profile image


      2 years ago

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      dsiflajdsfj jasdiuu;apiu;pilkjaf;lkdsjfn;asliudkjfa;lksm,nxsdjfhlshdfsdjnlksjfo;aisdhfoiwehdsflkasnf.ladsfnlk

    • profile image

      Eric Smith 

      3 years ago

      How does one key on numerals?

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Hi Dwaye,There's a lot of value with your videos. Great job of laniyg out the core concepts of keyword research. People that need to learn more about these concepts are sure to benefit from this high value lesson!All the best,Jim Jinright

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I do enjoy the way you have presented this perblom plus it does indeed give me a lot of fodder for consideration. Nevertheless, from what precisely I have observed, I simply just hope when the actual opinions pile on that men and women remain on point and in no way start on a tirade regarding some other news du jour. Yet, thank you for this fantastic piece and whilst I can not necessarily agree with the idea in totality, I regard the viewpoint.

    • profile image

      Jerry Knighten 

      4 years ago

      Need to know the step how to send text messages

    • profile image

      Brian Preston 

      6 years ago

      I want to know how to enter text, and, more importantly, how to correct text before sending. No mobile phone help site nor phone manual provides this information.


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