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How to Turn the Flash Off on a Casio Exilim Camera

Updated on June 17, 2017
Casio Exilim Camera
Casio Exilim Camera | Source

What is This About?

The title of this article may sound like a strange and specific title, and it is. I'm writing this because of a very frustrating time I just had trying to turn the flash off on my camera. If perchance somebody else is having this problem I hope some kind search engine helps them find this post. If that's why you're here, you may want to skip to the last paragraph entitled "How to Change the Flash."

How I Got my Exilim Camera

I got this little digital camera when my father-in-law passed away. My husband's mom told him to get it out of the house because it's a bad luck camera. It's bad luck because he basically stole it.

He found it on an airplane and did not turn it in. It never did him any good, the battery was dead, and he didn't have the charger and never got a new one. His wife was always angry with him about it. When my husband was going through his step-dad's stuff after he died, his mom just wanted to get rid of it.

I Brought the Camera Back to Life

The battery was all swelled up inside the camera by the time I got it, I had to dig it out with tweezers. I bought a new battery and charger for it and it started right up and works fine. Of course I didn't have a manual for the camera, but mostly it's pretty simple to use.

How Can Something so Simple be so Complicated?

Answers that don't Answer

One problem I had though, I could not find a setting under the menu that would turn the flash off. I tried looking it up on the internet and all of the top answers Google could find for me (Yahoo Answers) said "Look in your manual." I can't believe anybody actually voted for that answer, and they called the question resolved. If someone's looking it up on the internet, either they don't have the manual, or they don't understand what the manual says, which by the way is perfectly understandable.

Instruction Manuals that don't Instruct

Is it just me, or do the people who write instruction manuals purposely make things sound complicated? I actually did find the manual for my model of camera on the internet, and I tried to follow the instructions, but I still could not get it to work. It was telling me to push the down arrow in record mode. I was reading this to mean that I needed to get into the menu and go to record, but it's really way simpler that that. Are you ready?

How to Change the Flash

Turn the camera on, push the down arrow (the bottom of the big round button). There's an icon on the top left of the screen that will scroll through your flash options as you push the button. They consist of "Flash On," "Soft Flash," "Red Eye," "Auto Flash," and "Flash Off." Simply keep scrolling until you find the option you want.

If this article helps you, please let me know.

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