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How to Tweet Videos on Your Twitter

Updated on July 5, 2013

Expanded Tweets

When it came out in 2006, Twitter was just a "bare bones" style social network with an emphasis on microblogging. The odd name of the service and the tendency for users to post meaningless or mundane content has caused talk show host Conan O'Brien to make fun of Twitter in an ongoing segment called Twitter Tracker.

These days, though, Twitter enjoys increasing popularity and respect. The social network played a huge role during the 2009 Iranian Election protests and again in 2011 during a political crisis in Egypt. In June of 2012, Twitter expanded its capabilities to include more than the ability to quickly post 140 character thoughts.

Now, your Twitter audience can expand tweets and view video content without having to navigate to a different page. Here's a quick step-by-step guide about how to tweet videos to your Twitter account.

Step 1: Upload Your Video

Twitter does not host video content directly. To post video content to Twitter you'll need to upload it to a supported video hosting service first. Twitter currently supports the following video based social networks:

If you have video content from other sites that you'd like to share, your video will be shortened to a link. Your Twitter followers will still be able to view it, but they'll have to navigate to a different site. Use the sites above to take advantage of the ability to post video previews directly in your expanded tweets.

Step 2: Choose an Interesting Preview Still

When your users expand the video tweet, they are going to see a still image taken from the video that you posted. For best results choose an interesting still from the video that draws the audience into the video and makes them want to click it. From "edit video" in YouTube you can select your preview still from three different still images captured from your video.

Tip: If you have an AdSense account linked to your YouTube channel, you're not limited to three stills-- you can capture your preview from any part of your video.

Step 3: Post Your Video to Twitter

Many sites allow you to repost your video directly to other social networks after the upload is complete. You can tweet your new video that way, or you can opt for the direct approach: copy and paste the video URL directly into a tweet.

Step 4: Check the Results

Either way gives you the same result. When you look at your timeline and expand the video that you tweeted, you'll be able to view the video in a tiny window inside of the tweet. If for some reason the video post didn't work, you can always delete your tweet and try again. Your followers will get annoyed and unfollow you if you leave broken tweets up on your timeline.

What's the Point of Posting Videos to Twitter?

Posting your videos to Twitter allows you to effectively be in two places at once. You'll be exposing your video to your Twitter followers while also racking up hits on YouTube (or whatever video-based social network that you choose). Of course, this promotion strategy only works if you have some Twitter followers.

If you are new to Twitter, try hanging out and participating in the Twitter community first before you unleash a flood of videos. Use trending tags to comment about popular topics.


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