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Problem on Systweak Regclean Pro?

Updated on August 5, 2019
PC maintenance program called Regclean Pro from Systweak
PC maintenance program called Regclean Pro from Systweak | Source

Uninstalling Systweak Regclean Pro, before the installation story

What started my pursuance to get PC maintenance program to secure and maintain my good PC performance? How did I able to recommend this article, How to Uninstall Systweak Regclean Pro?

I have used the program Regclean Pro from Systweak company and I uninstalled it for some reason.

Before my installation of this program, I had a newly formatted hard drive with OS installed which is Windows 7.

As everyone think so, your personal computer performs the best speed to any programs to be run anytime when you have newly reformatted PC (personal computer).

That speed of my PC continues its best performance when one day few of my applications lagged or delayed.

I just thought it was the multitasking I performed.

That time, I opened MS word, MS paint, Photoshop, three browsers and one PC games.

Normally, my PC would just run smoothly with this bunch of simultaneous event of programs.

Now, that lagged happened ended after I restarted. I was relieved, thinking that multitasking makes our OS delayed as the basic cause.

After three days, it happened again. I opened only one program, one browser called Google Chrome and it lagged about 3 seconds.

Three seconds for me is not normal. I was feeling the rush to check for problems since I always like speedy and fast loading program performance.

I always set my mind that if there will be delayed for three to ten seconds on your PC, watched out because it may destroy the entire programs and may delete important files like photos, videos, office files, etc.

That delayed made me came out with the idea of getting a software program that might help to speed up my PC again.

What do you think of PC maintenance program?

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What PC maintenance I chose to speed up and secure my PC?

Years ago, I was fond of reformatting my PC if lagged or delayed happens to have a speedy computer.

Now, I have many saved files and installed programs and it is very hard to install it again after doing an OS reformat procedure.

I can't reformat my PC. I had to do something.

I took google search and then found few ways.

I have chose RegClean Pro since it is legit. This software program is from Systweak company.

After installing, I got this autoscan feature in which you will wait for a few minutes to finish and you can see the errors of your PC. I have one thousand plus errors. I was excited to click, Fix errors so as to clean my PC.

After the cleaning, I clicked again the Scan Again button to scan for errors again just to make sure my PC is cleaner.

I was glad to know the results of a clean PC, at the moment.

Yes, I should say, that only for that moment.

In the morning, I opened my PC with more delays and lagged downs. I was on fire. I was very disappointed.

What turned out to be a relief for my poor PC made my PC a 20 year old PC technology.

Systweak Regclean Pro, the pc maintenance not suitable for my PC
Systweak Regclean Pro, the pc maintenance not suitable for my PC | Source

What is my personal finding of RegClean Pro?

Everyone of us has the freedom to express our feelings and findings.

My slow PC turned out to be a slower PC. Why? What happened? Did I delete something? Was I attacked by a virus? What virus?

I think you know what is my answer.

That RegClean Pro program. I am not against with this program.

I think this program is not compatible with my computer OS.

Aside from the bad fate I encountered with the program, there are also good points and I will enumerate here:

Advantages of RegClean Pro

1. Fast downloading - It is a small file you can download this one for just seconds or sometimes in a very few minutes.

2. Legit - This is a legal software since it has accreditation. See their website.

3. Error fixing results - I am satisfied with the numbers of found errors.

4. Fast scan - It can scan your OS for a very few minutes only.

5. More features - It has more features now compared with my old Regclean years ago.

PC problem from PC maintenance - Makes my PC slower
PC problem from PC maintenance - Makes my PC slower | Source

Disadvantages of RegClean Pro

1. Virus - Some of my friends say that it a virus. It is not a virus, of course. The problem is, my antivirus told me a malware within a RegCLean pro registry folder.

2. PC maintenance - If is not compatible with your OS, you will turn your turtle run PC into an ant walking PC.

3. Hacking - Many hackers are using the logo and similar appearance software to invite you to click and lead to a website which may steal your account numbers and passwords. Watch out!

4. Difficult to uninstall - Uninstalling Regclean Pro is difficult because you need to go to the registry of your Windows to remove about 15 files.

* Note that you can easily remove this one by going to the: Control Panel --> Programs (add/remove programs), then look for the Regclean pro and right click then choose uninstall, proceed.This time some OS will not update or refresh your program listing so it is better to restart your PC after this uninstallation.

© 2013 Mark Johann


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