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How to Unlock a Phone for FREE at using TrialPay

Updated on May 8, 2011

If you’ve come to a website where you have looked to download an ebook, get some software, or unlock your phone for free, you may have seen that instead of the ‘regular’ payment options, you see an option to “Get it Free. Powered by TrialPay”. This article shows you how to unlock a phone for free using a service called TrialPay at and how it is in your benefit to use these systems.

What is TrialPay?

  • Instead of paying with credit card or other online payment systems (such as PayPal), for your unlock code, you get the code for free, legally and easily!
  • Like radio, television and other forms of free media, the TrialPay checkout system (used by FreeUnlocks) is ad sponsored.
  • As a result, you, the website visitor (and person looking to unlock their phone for free), will choose from many ‘free trial offers’, ‘paid trial offers’, and ‘get it free with purchase’ options at TrialPay checkout.
  • FreeUnlocks gets a commission from TrialPay and the advertiser to get you an unlock code for FREE.

Some benefits of using TrialPay are that you get to choose which advertisers’ offer appeals to you. You can cancel the offer you complete at anytime so there is no risk of having to complete monthly payments. The customer, advertiser, and all benefit. The customer gets the product for free, the advertiser gains quality leads and FreeUnlocks is able to send you your individual code for free for a commission paid by the advertiser!

How does it work?

In this example, we will show you the basic steps of how to unlock a phone for free using as the merchant.

When you find your unlock code at on the left hand side of the page, you will see a button that says “Get it Free” (the blue button with orange arrow) or a specific checkout link.

After you click the corresponding button to your phone, you will come to screen which features a basic description of the product and the retail price (obviously, you will get it for free). This step consists of simply entering your name and email address.

The above TrialPay checkout page for Google G1 unlock codes can be found here. Additionally, checkout pages for other phones can be found at

After you click continue, you will be taken to the offer page. It will show you a list of advertisers that TrialPay has partnered with, starting with the most popular. You can also choose to sort them from the categories on the left. Please note that advertising offers do differ from product to product. Choose whichever one appeals to you – you only have to complete one. For this example, I will pick the offer from SnapFish which happens to be free.

Click continue, and a little window will pop-up stating the offer requirements. Clicking 'Complete this offer' will be send you to TrialPay’s last step.

Fill in the requested information (by clicking 'create an account' in this specific offer). This may be more than one step, but should not take more than a couple of minutes. 

Final Steps

  • TrialPay will send you an email once everything is credited (most offers credit instantly, however some will take 24-48 hours).
  • TrialPay will send you an email asking you for your IMEI number. Read more about this process here: How to Unlock a Phone for Free - an FAQ. Reply to this with the information requested, and your unlock code will be sent to you within 24 hours for free!
  • You may choose to continue using the advertiser’s offer or you can cancel it at any time.

I hope this article has helped you discover how to unlock a phone for free and legally. Some phones unlocks are:

  • Free Nokia Unlocking
  • Free Sony Ericsson Unlocking
  • Free Motorola Unlocking
  • Free Samsung Unlocking
  • Free BlackBerry Unlocking
  • Free LG Unlocking
  • Free Siemens Unlocking
  • Free HTC Google G1 Unlocking
  • Free Google Nexus One Unlocking

Consider TrialPay as an option if you want to keep your money in your wallet and if you were wondering how to unlock a phone for free!

The next part of this guide lies here: Things to Know Before You Unlock your Phone which explains to you the exact steps of unlocking your phone after you have received your unlock code, and other common questions.


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    • profile image

      steve morris 

      13 months ago

      I went thru trial pay and took Hulu offer and still I don't have my code thx for the lie

    • profile image

      shannen caihl 

      6 years ago

      love this

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I LIKE

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Wow! That is great. Was googling for hours on how to unlock my phone for free. I completed 1 Netflix free offer and cancelled right after I received my code!! :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      thanks for the heads up i also tried


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