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How to Update Apple Devices Wirelessly in iOS 6

Updated on June 19, 2013
iOS 6 is one of the most controversial Apple operating systems up to date.
iOS 6 is one of the most controversial Apple operating systems up to date.

iOS has always been described as the most stable mobile software in the market and Apple users love it for this. To add to that, Apple makes sure that it is possible for one user to update from one version to another wirelessly. This helps in that it might a bit hard for everyone to afford a new gadget that operates on iOS 6 hence the fact that iPhone 5 users can update to the latest version is good news.

The new version comes packed with new features such as the ability to track tickets through PassBook among others. In simpler terms, the new version gives users a better experience while using their Apple devices. The paragraphs below describe how to update to the latest version wirelessly.

What you have to know before proceeding? To wirelessly update your Apple device, few conditions need to be met. First, you have a device that fits the update criteria and has pre-installed iOS5 on it. Second, your device has enough storage space to accommodate the download. Third is the craving to download iOS6. If all three conditions are met, you can go ahead with the process of updating your device.

1) Get the iDevice ready for the update

The process is really simple but it is always better to be prepared just in case something goes wrong. For this reason, a phone needs to be prepared for the update. All that this step entails is the backing up of all details to either iTunes or iCloud. Once done, the phone is ready.

2) Starting the Update Process

Make sure that the device is connected to a stable wireless network and that the battery is either halfway full or full. If not, the update can be carried out while the phone is plugged in to charge as it would kill the process should the battery die before the update is done. Please note that the phone cannot be used while the update is going on so make sure there will be no need for the phone.To get the process started, one begins by tapping the Settings icon which will open the section and then proceeds to select the General section. Once in, the section will have its own sub menus and the one to be looked for is Software Update. Once this option is selected, still by tapping, a page will load and the screen will indicate that the phone is looking for an available update. Once the update is found, proceed to step three of the wireless update.

3) Downloading the Update

Once step two shows the available version, the screen will have the option of downloading and installing the update. This is usually a direct process and all that one needs to do is to tap the download and install button and the process starts. The period taken to download the update is dependent on the speed of the internet connection. Fast internet speeds will lead to a fast download while slow connection will make the download take longer. All the same, the phone is not usable during the process. There should be a progress bar showing the status of the download and once the download is complete, the phone will prompt one to install the iOS update. This is simply done by tapping on the prompt and the update will start installing.


When all the steps are complete, your Apple device with iOS6 installation is ready for use.

The oldest devices that support the iOS update are: iPhone 3gs, iPod touch 4th gen, iPad 2.
The oldest devices that support the iOS update are: iPhone 3gs, iPod touch 4th gen, iPad 2.

While previous distribution of Apple’s operating system (OS) was a great piece of software, company officials state that iOS6 is their best operating system yet. With many new features to optimize your device’s performance and functionality, and over 500 000 applications available at Appstore it is the best OS on the market today. Although it has had its share of faults at launch, Apple issued major patches to fix these issues and they are a non factor now. What are you waiting for? Go and update your device to iOS6, now.


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