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How to Update Kobo Vox Software

Updated on February 29, 2012
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Max holds a BS in Mass Communications from SIU and an MA in Communication from U of I, and is pursuing an MBA from Webster University.


The Kobo Vox is an Android-based eReader that comes in a variety of colors and is a lower-cost alternative to eReaders and tablets from Amazon, Apple, Samsung and more. The device comes with 8 GB of built-in memory but can support up to 32 GB of memory through an expansion slot. Updating the device's software can add new functionality to the device, resolve problems that were discovered after the device was manufactured and optimize the performance of existing programs and features. You must be connected to a Wi-Fi network to check for a software update.

The Kobo Vox was released in October 2011 and comes in a variety of colors.
The Kobo Vox was released in October 2011 and comes in a variety of colors. | Source

Connecting Kobo Vox to Wi-Fi

  1. Tap the "Menu" icon just below the center of the Kobo Vox's touch screen. The Menu button features four horizontal lines.
  2. Tap "Settings" in the menu options that appear. The Settings menu opens.
  3. Tap "Wireless & Networks" to open the Wireless & Networks screen.
  4. Tap "Wi-Fi Settings." A list of Wi-Fi networks within the range of your Kobo Vox appears.
  5. Tap the name of the Wi-Fi network you want to connect your Kobo Vox to.
  6. Enter the password for your Wi-Fi network if you're prompted for one and then tap "Connect." You'll be returned to the Wi-Fi Settings screen. After the wireless connection is established on your Kobo Vox, the word "Connected" appears beneath the name of your Wi-Fi network in the Wi-Fi Settings menu and a Wi-Fi icon is added to the icons that appear in the upper-right corner of the Kobo Vox touch screen. After confirming your Kobo Vox is connected to the Internet, you can check to see if an update is available for the device.

Updating Kobo Vox Software

  1. Tap "Menu" in the row of icons directly beneath the center of the device's touch screen.
  2. Select "Settings" and then select "About Kobo eReader."
  3. Select the "System Update" option. The device will scan for updates to your device's software.
  4. Elect to install an update if one is available.
  5. Restart the Kobo Vox if it doesn't restart automatically after the update.


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