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How to Update Memorex Blu-ray Firmware

Updated on June 30, 2016
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Updating the firmware on your Memorex Blu-ray player can add new features and resolve problems with the player's software. New features can include new streaming services that weren't offered on your player initially. For example, a player that may not have offered Hulu Plus initially may be added through a firmware update. Additionally, some problems that are noticed with your player after the device ships can be resolved through firmware updates.

Firmware updates can add functionality to Memorex Blu-ray players.
Firmware updates can add functionality to Memorex Blu-ray players. | Source

Process for Updating Memorex Blu-ray Firmware

  1. Click here to navigate to the Memorex Support website.
  2. Select "Video" from the Select a Category drop-down menu and then select the model associated with your Memorex Blu-ray player to go to the information page that's associated with your Blu-ray player. A screen appears with information about your Blu-ray player. If a firmware update is available for your specific Memorex Blu-ray player model, one of the links will say Firmware Update. it's important to take care and ensure you select the model number that corresponds with your player to make sure you get the right files.
  3. Click the "Firmware Update" link if it's available. You'll be taken to a page where links are available to download the firmware update, which will be available in two files -- parts A and B. If the link isn't available, check back periodically to see if an update is.
  4. Click to download the two firmware update files. The files will be ZIP files.
  5. Navigate to the location on your computer where the firmware update files were downloaded. The default location for this on most computers is the Downloaded folder.
  6. Extract the ZIP files associated with Part A, burn those files to a CD-R and then finalize the disc. Label the disc Part A. Repeat this process for the ZIP file associated with Part B, except label the disc Part B.
  7. Turn on the Memorex Blu-ray player if it isn't powered on already.
  8. Press "Setup" on the remote control that came with the Blu-ray player and then select "General" in the menu that appears on the screen.
  9. Choose "Firmware Update" and then select "CDROM." The disc tray will automatically be ejected.
  10. Place the Part A update disc in the tray and then close the tray. The update begins automatically and Flash appear on the Memorex Blu-ray player's digital display. After the files on that disc are installed, the disc tray ejects and the system restarts.
  11. Remove the Part A disc from the tray.
  12. Repeat Steps 8 and 9. At this point, the disc tray opens.
  13. Insert the Part B disc and close the tray. The update process begins automatically. When the update process is complete, the disc tray opens and the Memorex Blu-ray player restarts automatically.
  14. Remove the disc and close the tray. After the Blu-ray player restarts, the update process is complete.

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  • If the player is having trouble reading the update discs, first ensure that the disc does not having any physical damage that would prevent the player from reading information on the disc. If there is no visible physical damage to the disc, ensure that you downloaded the software update for the right player model. Finally, if there are two discs, make sure you put the right disc in first.
  • Don't power down the Blu-ray player during the firmware update. This may result in the Memorex Blu-ray player either no longer working, or no longer working correctly.
  • If the update isn't recognized on the thumb drive, restart the device, connect the thumb drive and then try again. Alternatively, reformat the thumb drive and walk carefully through the process of putting the required files on the drive to ensure you're doing everything correctly.
  • Be patient. The time it takes the firmware update to install depend on the size of the update. Additionally, the larger the software update, the longer it will take the file to download as well.
  • If you're having problems with the player, installing available software updates can be a quick and cheap fix. Memorex does not publish a schedule for update releases, and they are released on an as-needed basis.


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