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How to Use Audacity to Include Track Markers in a CD

Updated on November 27, 2012

What is Audacity?

Audacity is a program that lets you record and edit sound clips, such as your own voice or music files. Audacity supports WAV, AIFF, MP3, Ogg, WMA, GSM, and others. Audacity allows you to add labels in specific sections of your audio to identify those parts that you think are important to remember.

When you record sound with audacity, the recording is usually shown as a single, long sound file. This is where labels come handy, as they can be inserted along sections of the sound track. A label lets you add text into it so as to define a certain section in the audio track..

How to Add Labels to an Audio Mix with Audacity?

Sometimes, you may want to add labels to a mix of songs. With audacity, you can do this by importing you audio mix into the program. In the following picture, there is a mix of six songs that I ripped from a CD. To distinguish where a song starts and where it ends, you might have to add labels between the start and end points of each song.

To do this, you select the first song, You may have to listen to the song to determine its boundaries. You may also zoom in the entire sound clip to distinguish the sections of the clip where the sound waves are narrower. These are the parts that are silent and usually mark the transition between songs.

How to Add Labels With Audacity?

Audacity | Source

How to Add labels to a Song Mix With Audacity?

After selecting the first song, Click on Track > Add Label on the main menu or use the shortcut CTRL + B on your keyboard. After the Label appears below the selected section in the audio clip, put a name into it. For this project, I have put names like; first song, second song, third song, etc.

Continue selecting and adding labels to each song in your sound file. To select the next song, you just click on the right side of the first song until you see a yellow line, which marks the boundary of the first label, then drag to the left to select the next song.

If you need to change the position of the labels along the sound clip, you can move the labels by dragging them to the desired point in the track.

After you have completed the task, go to file > export multiple. Audacity will export your project into the specified folder and the chosen configurations.

A Sound Track with Several Labels

Audacity | Source

How to Add Point Labels into an Audio Mix With Audacity?

If instead of adding Label to regions in a sound mix, you would like to add Labels between the boundaries to distinguish between songs, you might want to add point labels. Point labels let you distinguish a single point within a sound track.

To place point labels between the boundaries in the songs, start by clicking at the beginning of the first song to place the cursor there. You may also do this by clicking at the skip to start button or by using the shortcut CTRL + B on the computerĀ“s keyboard.

Audacity | Source

To insert more labels between the songs, perform the same previous steps for each song in your project. You can use the transport toll bar and the output level meter to stop the the cursor in the silent sections throughout the audio clip. To do this, just play the track and stop it when the output level window shows low meter levels.

You might also zoom, like in the example above, to distinguish the sections of the clip where the sound waves are narrower, making it easier to select the point where you want to insert the label.

Another way of adding labels is by creating them while playing or recording a sound file. To do this, you just click on Tracks > Add Label at Playback in the main menu or use the shortcut CTRL + M on your keyboard.

Audacity | Source

You can change the text in a label by clicking inside of it. You can also delete a label by clicking inside the text of a label and clicking the backspace button on your keyboard. If you need to change the position of the labels, just click and drag their semicircular handles.

A Sound Mix with Several Point Labels

Audacity | Source

Now that you have added labels into the audio mix, you can save you changes. To do this, click on file, then on export multiple. This will open the export multiple window where you can specify your saving preferences.

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