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How to Use NITRO PDF Reader to Fill Out a Paper Job Application for FREE

Updated on August 23, 2010

I don't know about you, but manually filling out a paper application can be really time consuming and annoying. I naturally write in large letters which makes it difficult to fill out job applications with tiny little lines and hardly any spaces in between. Or if you have handwriting that is difficult to read, this hub will help too. I have a FREE solution for you, assuming you have a computer, scanner, a little patience and basic computer knowledge.

If you're familiar with Adobe Acrobat, the TYPE TEXT tool in Nitro PDF is like the Typewriter Tool in Acrobat. NITRO PDF Reader is not only free but it's easy to use and pretty full featured in comparison to other free similar PDF conversion/editing programs.

1. Go to download and install Nitro PDF 64*

* you can also download it for free at

2. Scan your document.

a. If your scanner automatically converts your scans into .jpg, open the document in your default picture browser and go to file and select print, then select Nitro PDF as the printer & then click PRINT.

b. If your scanner converts documents into .pdf, skip to Step 3.

3. Open up your document in Nitro PDF, select the TYPE TEXT button which should turn your mouse into the typing cursor. Place the cursor where you would like to insert the text and left click on your mouse. If the text is too big you can adjust the size and change the font type in the top left corner of the TYPE TEXT menu.

4. The size of the text box can also be made smaller or larger in order to fit the lines on your document. Go to the CLICK TO FINISH button, then click on the text that you would like to move and little red squares should appear that outline your text box. You can also move your text box to make sure it’s aligned properly.

DISCLAIMER: I don't claim to be a computer expert but thought that this little tip might help all the people out there who are job hunting like I am and either have handwriting that is hard to read or handwriting that is too big or whatever for paper/hardcopy applications. The tips listed can also be used on other types of .pdf documents.


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