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How to Use USB Pen Drive as RAM For your PC-Windows 8/7/XP

Updated on June 21, 2014

Did you ever wonder that you can still upgrade your PC's RAM without actually buying it.Yes,it is possible now.You can use your USB pen drive as the external Virtual RAM for your PC and hence increase your PC's performance.Actually,the job of the RAM is to store the data which you have used in our computer.Thus,by following this method,you can boost your PC's performance.So,to do this,you should have a Pen drive with at least 2 GB memory.It is recommended to use a 8 GB flash drive for this procedure.

Now,follow the simple steps below to successfully use your Pen drive as Random access memory.But,before following the procedure,have a look the precautions to take while starting this procedure.


1) Make sure that you at least use a 4 GB Pen drive so that it becomes more easy to boost your PC's performance.

2) Also,while using this procedure on laptops,make sure that you at least have 30 % Battery power.

3) Also note that,this method does not work for Ubuntu,Linux and some other operating systems while this works only for Windows operating systems.

4) You should not miss or skip any step or wrongly perform the step.If you do,then thi method will be a failure for you.

5) Also,before using your Pen drive,make sure that it is formatted entirely.Now,have a look at the procedure.

Method to use Pen drive As RAM.

1) Firstly connect your Pen Drive to the computer.Note that,at least you should have 2 GB memory Pen Drive.

2) After connecting,go to start menu and right click on it.Then click on properties.For windows 8,you have to go to My computer.But,for other operating systems,you can directly right click on start menu and click on Computer's Properties.

3) After clicking on Properties,click on Advanced settings and click on settings (In the picture,it is highlighted with Blue outlayer)

4) After clicking on Settings,click on Advanced settings like in the image given below.Then click on programs and click on change.

5) After clicking on change,select the USB Flash Drive and click on set.Make sure that you click only on USB Flash Drive.If you click on Local disks,then this method will not work.

That's all.You're done.Now,you can use your USB flash drive as the virtual RAM for your PC.If you have any doubts regarding this procedure,please comment below and let me help you.IF this method did not work,please have a look at the steps back again.Because,you may have not performed any one of the step correctly.This method should actually work for Any PC scenario no matter whether they are using Windows 8 or Windows XP or Windows 7.

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    • profile image

      Joy Samuel 3 years ago

      After the opening the virtual memory dialogue box I can't find my pen drive.


      Reply me here:

    • profile image

      Lazor Engineering 3 years ago

      The Usb Pendrive wont detect in win8, Hosting a game server on a pretty powerful laptop but it only has 4 gb of RAM, So i can only allocate 2.5 gb RAM to the server(which caps on after a minute or two).