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How to add an image to your Gmail email.

Updated on February 26, 2012

Google's Gmail is more popular than ever. Everyone is jumping on the Google bandwagon and getting a gmail account, free Google websites, books and navigation. Even our Android smartphones are a Google innovation.

Gmail is great for sending off a quick email. But why produce a blah email with text only? Add some images within your email and jazz-up your communications. Adding an image to a Gmail email may be elusive when using Gmail in its default state. So here's a quick picture tutorial on setting up your Gmail with inline images.

See an example (below) of an email being created with an image inserted within the text. It's an inline image!

Gmail: How to insert an image into your email?

Step 01: Turn on the Feature

At the very upper right of your Gmail, click on the gear icon, then click on Mail settings. The next window will be called Settings. Click on the link called Labs(see below). These are experimental features that are awesome and innovative, and add productivity to your emails.

While in the Settings window, scroll down and look for the feature called Inserting Images (by Kent T). Be sure to enable this feature, then be sure to click on Save Changes button (at very top or bottom of Settings window).

Step 02: Inserting Images

Okay, now we are ready to insert images into your email. Look at your email toolbar and find an Insert Image icon (see right). Click the icon and a popup window will appear.

Click on the Browse... button. Navigate your File Upload window to the location of the image file that you want to insert. Click on the file and hit Open. A thumbnail image will appear; select it and click on OK.

Your selected image will pop into your email where ever you placed your cursor. Please note that when you click on your image, you will have an option for a small, medium, large or original sized image. Experiment with the different sizes, OR just grab the corner handle bars and adjust your image size to your liking.

That's it! Now you are set up to add some pizzazz to your emails, liven them up with pictures and more pictures.


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