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How to find and fix missing album art in iTunes - avoid the generic artwork picture

Updated on July 2, 2012

We all have songs in our iTunes library that gave us the generic album cover image.

And normally we only see them when we're with our iPod or iPhone. When we finally get to the computer, we never remember what those songs were...

So, here's an easy fix for you to solve that problem, hope it helps.

Get all songs without album cover

Go to your iTunes and the menu "File" and select "New Smartplay list". You will be presented with several conditions to fill in.

There, on the first condition, make sure the media type selected is music. Then, add a condition (clicking on the plus sign at the right side) and select "Has artwork" as "false".

After that, just press "ok" and you'll see a new list created with all your songs without the album cover.

Drag and Drop album covers

Adding album covers

Now that you have the iTunes list with all your songs missing the album covers, you need to add the images.

First you should try to let iTunes add them automatically. To do this just select all the songs, then go to the "Advanced" menu and select "Get Artwork". iTunes will ask you if you have sure you want to do this, just say "Get artwork" and then it will scan your library to try to find the missing album covers. The songs that it is able to find art cover, will be automatically removed from this list.

Probably there will still be some songs missing the album covers. If this happens you should open your browser and go to some site that sells cd's, like, and then look for the albums you want. Then, you can select the song (or songs, if it's more than one for that album), right click them, select "Get info" and then drag the image you selected to the appropriate field.

Are there still songs missing?

If you downloaded some dj's remixes and other type of music, you may not be able to find the album cover for it. If you, like me, don't like the generic album cover that iTunes has, you can change it for all the songs that are still missing their artwork.

Just select all songs remaining on the list and right click them, choose "Get info" and then drag any image you want to the artwork field.

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