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How to add music to your power point

Updated on July 14, 2011

First Things First

Be sure that you have an MS Powerpoint application installed on your computer. MS Powerpoint is a part of MS Office applications.

Enough chit-chat... :) Lets add those Music 

Figure 1
Figure 1

1. Launch your Powerpoint application

2. <click> Insert (Figure 1 - A), then Movies and Sounds (Figure 1 - B) and select Sound from file (Figure 1 - C)

Dialog Box
Dialog Box

After selecting Sound from file, A dialog box will appear where you can search for the location of your sound file

Figure 2
Figure 2

When you have successfully inserted a sound file, a message box will appear asking you in what way will you start the sound. If you select Automatically (Figure 2 - A) the sound will start when you start your presentation. (Given that the slide with your sound is the first slide in your presentation)

That's it! You have successfully inserted a sound file in your Powerpoint presentation.. If your want to edit the settings of your sound file just follow the steps below. :) 

Figure 3
Figure 3

1. Right click the sound icon

2. select Custom Animation (Figure 3 - A) 

Figure 4
Figure 4

After clicking Custom Animation, the Custom Animation Task pane will appear (Figure 4) and this is where you can edit your sound file.

You can edit its start options, stop, the timings and many other options.

A. You can add effects which is categorized into 4. Entrance, Emphasis, Exit and Motion Paths (Figure 4 - A)

B. You can edit how the animation would start, the property of your effects and the speed of the animation (Figure 4 - B)

C. You can edit the property of the effects. Double click this one and a dialog box with many options will appear (Figure 4 - C)

D. and lastly you can instantly preview your effects by clicking the play button (Figure 4 - D)

Figure 5
Figure 5

This dialog box will change the settings of your sound file.

A. Settings are categorized into 3 tabs namely Effects, Timing and sound settings (Figure 5 - A)

B. Start playing section will set when your sound will start playing (Figure 5 - B)

C. Stop playing will set when the sound will stop. If you want to make the sound stop until the end of the slide you must select "After" option. Then specify the total number of slides that your presentation have. (Figure 5 - C) 

That's IT!

You have successfully inserted a sound file on your Powerpoint presentation. 


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    • cookibuq profile image

      cookibuq 7 years ago from Ireland / Hong Kong

      Voted up and useful. this is clear and concise...very useful for presentation dummies like me! Keep up the good work.