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How to add repetitive statements into your Gmail and save a lot of time and typing?

Updated on March 4, 2012

Emailing has become the primary means of communicating important news, or large amounts of data, images and spreadsheets, anything you can think of! We often send dozens of emails a day between friends, colleagues and customers. And very often, we end up typing repetitive statements to

Step 1: Turn On the Canned Response Feature

We will need to turn on the Canned responses feature by clicking on the gear symbol in the upper right-side of your Gmail. Select Settings to open an new window listing many new features of Gmail. Click on the tab link called Labs. (see below)

In the Labs window, scroll down until you find the feature called Canned Responses. Click on Enable to turn on this great app. That's it . . . you'll have this action to use the next time you create an email.

Step 2: Setting up your Canned Responses

Now you are ready to create a few Canned Responses so that you can save time with your email communications. Open a new email by clicking on the Create button.Type in a statement into the body of the email, then modify your font type and colors to your satisfaction. (see example bellow called "Damage Policy")

It's time to Save your statement. You should see under the subject line a set of blue links, such as Attach a file, Insert: Invitation and Canned responses. Click on the Canned responses link and a dropdown menu will display the Save function. Click on the link called new canned responses to open a mini-form. (see below)

You'll need to name your new repetitive statement. Since the example is called Damage Policy, we should name the action Damage Policy. Type a name into the form called Please enter a new canned response name:, then click OK.

Step 3: Inserting Canned Responses into your Emails

Open a new email and start typing your message. When you are ready to insert a repetitive message, place the cursor where you want to insert a Canned Response. Open the Canned Responses Feature, then select a statement you want to insert under the Insert list. (I have added 4 Canned Responses for this example.)

In the example below, the Canned Response is highlighted in light yellow to demonstrate the message insertion.

That's it . . . you've inserted a Canned Response into your email. You may create many messages to insert into your email and save tons of time!

In summary, the Canned Responses Feature has 3 lightly defined areas in the dropdown: Insert, Save and Delete. Be careful what you click because you may Delete a response or overwrite a response by inadvertently clicking on Save. Enjoy!


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