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Ways to Assemble DIY Sound System - Power Supply With Mini-Amplifier

Updated on January 1, 2022
Mark Johann profile image

Mark has been a writer/author online for around ten years sharing knowledge/expertise and helping netizens for solutions.

How true is $10 for a very good sound system at home

I am fond of doing things as a hobby especially in the field of electronics which has been my favorite and now, being happy as a Technology Teacher. Many years ago, before I became interested with electronics, I've been with my friend repairing and making electronic devices.

I was practicing myself and later studied in a university and eventually became a teacher.

I have been wanting to assemble and to repair electronic devices myself like junked radio, dvd player, tv in the garage, etc.

I have come to think that I could help those people who can make good money or just enjoy themselves making electronic stuff and around.

I have created good sound with my speakers by bypassing wires from a junked radio through analyzing and tracing the circuit inside in the PCB. You can do that!

Now in this hub, I want to teach you and give you good information of a very cheap $10 DIY sound system.

DIY power supply with mini-amplifier and DIY speakers
DIY power supply with mini-amplifier and DIY speakers | Source

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Things you need

Home Made Mini Amplifier Sound System
Home Made Mini Amplifier Sound System | Source
Power supply with 750 mA
Power supply with 750 mA | Source
Labeled parts of mini amplifier TDA2040 IC
Labeled parts of mini amplifier TDA2040 IC | Source
Speaker with 100watts power and tweeter 150watts power
Speaker with 100watts power and tweeter 150watts power | Source

Power Supply, Mini-Amplifier and Speakers

Power Supply. What is a power supply? Power supply supplies the sufficient power for a particular electronic device you want to use. It has different voltages in DC or AC. What I have here has a DC output from 3V, 4.5V, 6V, 7.5V, 9V and 12V respectively with an amperage of 750 milli-amperes / mA. (1 Amp is better)

Now I bought this power supply kit for just $6 in an electronic store in my area. You just have to solder about 7 electronic devices. You don't have to worry because it is a ready made PCB circuit and it has corresponding figure on where to solder into the PCB circuit.

After connecting and soldering the wires, your power supply is ready.

Mini-Amplifier. The mini-amplifier is very cheap today for just 4 dollars complete with volume, bass and treble with the power of 40watts and a satisfying volume good for your car or for indoor use.

You just have to buy a complete set without soldering those electronic device. These days, electronic factories use IC's because these are reliable than the previous transistors and IC resist greater heat compared with transistors.

The mini amplifier shown here has three IC's (transistorized IC's) which are the TDA2040 (IC code).

Speakers. Now let's be practical, to produce good sound doesn't need to be expensive. I got my speakers from my old and junk stereos from my grandpa and my father in the garage and stockroom.

I found a 100 watts speaker and 2 tweeter speakers. I am good to go. You can add capacitors for a clearer sound. You try to designed your box. There are many speaker designs and you just choose your style and modifications.

Note: A 40 watt amplifier could play with 100 watt speakers in parallel connection. If the amplifier is much higher than the speakers, try to connect that one in series connection to divide the power and to burned your speakers. (also don't push your volume too hard)

For more details, suggestions and questions, don't hesitate to write it below this hub.

Labeled parts of mini amplifier TDA2040 IC
Labeled parts of mini amplifier TDA2040 IC | Source

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