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9 Blogging Tips to Attract More Readers for your Blog

Updated on October 30, 2013

You’ve probably heard about this and might not seem new to you at all. It is really important to entertain your readers in order to grow your blog. No one will stick around if your blog is boring. So how can you get interesting? Here are my few bits on how to do it.

1. Surprise people

A great way to make yourself stand out from the rest is to break the ‘guessing machine’ of your readers. You can take surprising position and made outlandish kinda analogy or simply do the opposite of what you do normally. People will certainly pay attention if you are getting unexpected.

Wow...what a blog it is!!
Wow...what a blog it is!! | Source

2. Get funny, make people laugh

Bloggers can get really serious at times. They are so busy with teaching people that they forget to entertain. Hence a lot of readers can fall asleep half way through the post. The best way to avoid this is to use humor according to your audience.

3. Tell them more about you

A lot of readers are always curious to know more about you. You can write about your experiences or about how you came out with your blog. I just read a blog where in the author had jot down his daily schedule. I have been following that guy for sometime and hence was interested to know how he spent his time.

4. Get startling by being honest

Tell them truth once in a while. Get so honest that you will be scared to hit the post button. I occasionally get so honest that my lawyer starts to feel the heat. Do this once in a while; people will certainly get attracted to it.

5. Tell an interesting piece of news

A lot of bloggers are writing about latest things that Google is doing. This is great for Google but bloggers aren’t getting any real benefit. Only the first person who breaks the story matters the most. He gets all the links, traffic and authority and rest all is relegated as echoes.

6. Predict the future

This too is sure to attract attention. Use your intuitive powers and predict something haphazard about the future. Claim something bizarre that is going to happen soon. People will certainly start talking about you.

If you want to keep your readers interested and keep them coming back for more, you should update regularly, participate in online communities, include keywords and understand your readers
If you want to keep your readers interested and keep them coming back for more, you should update regularly, participate in online communities, include keywords and understand your readers | Source

7. Update the blog regularly

It is really important to update the blog regularly because readers then stay loyal to your blogs. There are some writers who update blog 2-3 times a day. If the readers need to wait a lot of days for the new material, they will lose interest in your blog. Be loyal to the readers and the readers too will reciprocate by staying loyal to you. There are tons of blogs available on Internet; if you don’t updated your blog regularly then readers will turn to other blog site.

8. Participate in the Web communities

Participate in the Web communities, social media or some discussion forums where in you can mention your blog where ever you can for getting new readers. Be very loyal to other blogs and then tell them about your blog. Put good comments on their site and then invite those guys to your blog. If there are people having mutual interests then you can share links on the site.

9. Understand what kind of people read your blogs

A cool way to keep readers coming back to your blog is by understanding what kinda people visit you and what they are looking for. I am not saying that you should write only on one subject but you can weave most of the articles around that particular theme. If you have been writing more on humor, don’t suddenly start blogging about your woes or sorrowful tales. People will be more interested in reading about kinda content that attracted them to your blog in first place. You can get to know your readers better by including boxes for comments.

Some Tips to Create Good Quality Contents

Title should be powerful

You might have really good content but no one is going to read it if the title is boring. In this case, the content won’t even get touched. The title must stand out from the crowd and you should communicate quickly to the reader about what he will get if he reads further.

Blog posts should be reader friendly

The blog post should be ‘scannable’ and the readers shouldn’t have to sift through all ‘words’ for getting gist of the content. Here are some ways to make the post scannable

  • Bullet Points

  • Numbered Lists

  • Header Tags

  • Pictures

  • Good spacing between the lines (this is technical CSS stuff)

  • Short Paragraphs

  • Quotes

  • Bold Text

Put pictures in all blog posts

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and hence you should put in a picture in all articles. They give some life to the article and social networking freaks will love it especially if it is creative, funny, and relates to the content.

Use videos

This should be used cautiously because this might get overdone. I put it in my blogs if I think it adds value to my content. Also, you should put small text paragraphs after the video. This shows that you took some time to get the video and it is important from the SEO perspective too.

Keep it short and simple

You might have heard this a zillion times but its importance can’t be emphasized enough. The blog posts should wind up in maximum of 500-750 words. Most people out there don’t read more than a couple of sentences. If the article is too long, they will just scan through it. I bet most of you aren’t even reading this sentence!


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    • VictoriaSheffield profile image

      Author Victoria Sheffield 

      4 years ago from Georgia

      These are great tips that I will apply to my blogs!


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