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How to avoid Facebook drama after a break up-Changing relationship status quietly, should you block your ex?Is it right?

Updated on June 15, 2012

A break up is messy and painful in itself, but involving other people in it can make it even worse. That is why Facebook is not a suitable venting place for you, things can take an ugly turn rather quickly if you don't watch out what you say or reveal.

The best thing to do is avoid Facebook completely till you've regained your sanity, and lean on your family and best friends for support.

But if that is just too hard to do for you, here are a few tips on how to manage things at Facebook:

1. Unfriend and block your ex- You broke up. You can still text and call and hang out and keep in touch if you want and when you're both ready, but it's a bad idea to keep him as your facebook friend. Your own mood will be unpredictable for a while, and some of his updates may make you upset or provoke you to yell at him, which will only turn everything sour. You also need to block him, because otherwise you'll give in to curiosity and keep on checking his profile to see how he's doing, and now matter what he is posting, it will only disturb you. Some ex-es also use Facebook to project an image of how they are doing post break-up to hurt the ex or get him/her back, and you don't want to be a prey to this. Blocking him will also prevent him from keeping up with you.

2. No angry rants- You do not need to post a status update about how much of a jerk your ex is. It'll only make you look like a drama queen to everyone. Do not reveal secrets that your ex trusted you with, you will only regret it later. It is best if your status updates do not even mention your ex. Rant at your journal, not your facebook.

3. Cliched sad updates- Don't post that cliched break up quote you just found. Don't share that sad photo meme of somebody abandoned crying. It will again make you look like a drama queen and annoy people.

4. Do not talk to him at the spur of the moment- If you do still keep him as your friend at Facebook, resist the urge to have an online "drunken dial". Do not get emotional and start posting things at his wall, be it angry rants or begging him to take you back, or talking about the good old days. If you have to say these, call or email, do not do it at Facebook where everybody can see it. You will only be embarrassing both of you.

5. Change your relationship status quietly. When you change your relationship status from "In a relationship" to "Single", a lot of people will "like" it, while some will comment and ask what happened. If it's someone close to you, you can tell them through calls, texts or emails. Do not start telling the story at Facebook. Respond to any queries about the break up by saying "We broke up, I don't want to talk about it right now, thanks for understanding." Even if your ex does otherwise, resist the temptation to narrate every little thing. Be graceful.

6. If you need to talk to someone about the breakup, do so in the private chat or messages, not in your timeline where everyone can see it. Not only will unwanted people join in the conversation, they will just make things worse.


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