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How to become a Programmer, and select best programming language

Updated on July 1, 2012

Start a career in Computer Programming

Computer Programming is the career which most of person in Software Industry dream of.Computer Programming is the career where one can show his talent using his skills.It is option to make good money and earn a good reputation.

What are Programming Languages

Programming languages are the combination of instructions to communicate with the hardware.To run a computer system Software as well as hardware is required.Harware can't do anything without software.So it becomes important to give instructions to computer in some manner to persom any task.

Early Programming languages were low level means one have to write the code in digital data(In form of 0's and 1's).It was very difficult to implement and separate code had to written for a different machine.Then came the Assembly language which was in the form of symbols.It was easy to implement but portability was the issue.

High level languages are latest Programming language which are easy to implement,fast, efficient and easy to learn.COBOL,Pascal and C was the early high level programming languages.

Types of Programming

Desktop Programming:

The Programming language which is used to write code to run on system running any OS like windows,Linux or Mac.These languages are very flexible and it require lot of time to become a good desktop programmer.Examples of Desktop Programming are C, C++, Java, Python and C#.

Web Programming :

Web Programming languages are used to make the web pages.These languages generally do not require any developer kit and are Platform independent, means it can run on any Platform. Cloud is the next Giant service or future which could replace desktop computing soon. In Cloud all applications are made using Web Programming languages.These languages require very less resources and can also run on low powered devices like Cell Phones and Tablets.Most popular Web Programming Languages are PHP,ASP and JSP.

Which Language to Choose:

The Next Question arises that which language to choose as there are lot many languages to choose from.Then answer is that you can go for any of the modern language the whole concept is approximately the same.As C and C++ are the mother languages for most of the language so one must learn these.C and C++ influenced both desktop programming languages and Web Programming.

Following are the best modern languages to choose from

Web Programming

1. HTML: As all content on web is viewed using HTML code compiled by browser, So it becomes extremely important to learn HTML. HTML is not an programming language but a markup language.

2. JavaScript and CSS: JavaScript is client side scripting language which is used for validations and can be used to make human specific functions.CSS stands fos cascading Style Sheet, it is used to style the web pages and to make animations.Both of these are necessary to be a web programmer.

3. PHP or ASP: These are the Server side scripting languages and are used to Create dynamic web pages.PHP is open source while ASP is Developed by Microsoft.Both of languages are equally good, but i personally like PHP as it is free to use and it is much more flexible.

4. AJAX: It is used to create interactive web pages.It is the language which is used by Google to give suggestions while typing text.It is not necessary to learn but it gives cool effects to web pages.

Desktop Programming

1. C and C++: C and C++ and the languages everyone must know to be any type of programmer.Most of the modern languages have syntax same as these languages.These languages are very easy to learn.

2. Java: It is the language developed by Sun Microsystem (currently owned by Oracle).It is very flexible language and it is also used to make mobile(J2ME) and Android applications.

3. C# : It is Microsoft version of C++.It is latest language and used to make windows applications in Visual studio.

4. Python: It is powerful language which not not so popular.It have very large function library.It is also very good language for a better career in programming.


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    • Mittalmailbox profile image

      Amit Mittal 4 years ago from Patiala, India

      @Mircea These languages are easier to learn as compared to Other languages.

    • profile image

      Mircea Prodan 4 years ago

      "C and C++ [...] These languages are very easy to learn." You are kidding or what?!!