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How to blog effectively in 5 Easy steps

Updated on February 27, 2013

Online today there are tens of millions of blogs, by tens of millions of people, with a wide spectrum of interests values and goals. In the clutter one can sometimes be intimidated, the prospect of having your own work stand above everyone-elses may seem bleak. This short compliation of suggestions, and rules, have been written to help the average user to write blogs effectively. It is the intention of this article to really help people along with the process, and as such, it would be of great value if feed back is given to help improve the overall quality of this piece. Please leave a comment bellow, letting us know about any questions that you may have after reading the article!

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1. You need to make your blog is aesthetically pleasing. It needs to be easy to read and navigate.To build up a loyal reader base you need to treat your subscribers right, they should enjoy reading your blog, and should find something that is of distinct value. Creating a unique appeal is crucial as it will help leave a lasting image in the minds of your reader.

2. The most important rule is that you need to find something that is interesting to you, write about a topic that you truly feel that you have something to gain from. Having said that you should still make an effort to blog about things which have not been extensively covered already. If that is not possible then try to put an innovative spin on whatever you write, to make what you have written "yours".

3. You need to pay attention to, and crave feedback. Create polls, give out an email address at which you can be reached, try your best to understand the mind of your reader.

4. You need to effectively advertise your blog across the Internet. Fortunately, It is quite easy to get your name and your posts across the web. Submit your main blog and all individual posts to social networking and bookmarking sites. These site will fuel interest to your work without much work of your own. Be sure to invest your time in submitting your work widely into a large span of websites. I would recommend searching, Digg, myspace, shetoldme, and delicious.

5. Perhaps most importantly, you need to understand why you write. It is not important that you have a crisp understanding to that questions, but you really should have a general direction. You should atleast know whether or not you are writing for profit, or for pleasure, and yes you must choose between the two. Convoluding your interests will diminish the potential of your article, as you will not be effective in profiting, monetarily or otherwise.

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