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How to build a budget Gaming PC (Part 1)

Updated on March 19, 2012

How to build a budget Gaming PC - Part 1 -

When building a custom PC, there are many important things, to consider, such as general platform, how to choose a right graphics card, and more. Let’s start with Motherboard and Processor

Motherboard and CPU:

AMD offers high performance processors and the processors are relatively cheaper compared to Intel processors. Intel has a much larger market share than AMD. Which explains many things, besides, in equal price range, AMD processors show better performance. It is also a fact that AMD high-end CPUs (AMD Phenom II x6 series) cannot compete with Intel's high-end processors such as Intel Pentium i7 series flagman CPUs. But then again, does the difference in performance worth the difference in price? Maybe, but on the other hand there is no video game out there that latest AMD six core processors, or even quad core processors cannot handle. Then how do we explain such a huge difference in prices? Truth is, in most of applications Intel processors show way better performance than AMD, but correct me if I'm wrong here, we are talking about Gaming PC. It would seem that wise choice is the AMD after all; it's cheaper and ideal for gaming computers.

Next important component is a Motherboard, When It comes to ultimate electronics such as Motherboards you should consider far more than how cool does it look or just a price. While the only option here is AM3 platform motherboards, keep in mind, that AMD new generation Processors (AMD Bulldozer) are coming soon, in less than 2 month to be precise. In order to be able to upgrade your processors later, you should buy 890FX chipset Motherboard. Make sure the motherboard features include USB 3.0 support as well as latest SATA 6 GB/s support. And it doesn't really matter which brand you prefer, I recommend Asus or MSI.


It's relatively easy to choose a RAM. Since this article is about building a budget PC, you don't have to buy a super-fast memory with coolers and extra features such, any DDR 3 - 1333 MHZ memory will do. But this time, you need to pay more attention to the brand. Go for Corsair, OCZ, Patriot, or G-Skill. There are several more brands that deserve attention too. But the main thing here is not to overdo it. 9 9 9 24 DDR3 with 1333 MHZ won't cost you a fortune, in fact 60-80$ per 4GB Dual Channel Kits is more than affordable.

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