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How to build a cheap and afordable home recording studio.

Updated on September 16, 2011

Building a cheap and affordable home recording studio lesson 1

So you want to build a recording studio . Well lets get started building an affordable home studio. I am going to break this down into two categories rock and rollers , rapers and djs. If your looking to record just yourself singing or playing guitar you can get by real cheap. Items needed Head phones, microphone , mic stand , studio monitors, a USB interface , recording software and a computer. It might sound like a lot but you can build this all for under 500 dollars. This is perfect for any one working with a small place in there home. If you are lucky enough to have a larger space you can add some digital drums, which you can also find for a great price , I will post some affordable hardware and software recording equipment a the bottom of the page so can get started making a wish list or buying your first piece of recording equipment.

If your a rapper or a dj you can get buy just as cheap. I would suggest adding to the list of recording equipment . You will need a Drum pad or and midi key bored for making beats and adding effects. In the picture i posted for a reason as long as your house is quit and all the vans are and noises are turned off. You do not need to build a soundproof vocal room . If you have access to a spare closet U can us that but if not you can buy a small sound proof attachment like the one in the pic.

Most of this recording equipment you will not be forced to buy brand new. Search Ebay for used or new recording equipment from the list i talked about before. You can also search amazon for new equipment for a discount price. I posted both websites at the bottom of this post so you can choose the most affordable equipment on the web.

When you are looking for recording software start with something easy to use. There is free soft ware like audacity. Which is a great program to get you familiare wit recording on pc. Mixcraft is another cheap easy to use recording software. When you have mastered those you can try something more advanced. Pro tools or cubase , Reason or acid.

You can find a nice recording mic for a little under a 100 dollars. A mic stand for 20$. An affordable USB interface with recording software for 150$ . and that is all you need to record yourself singing and playing music. If you want to ad a midi key bored your looking at a 100 dollars for a midi keyboard with drum pad. You can also buy a pair of nice recording head phones for under a 100$. With this equipment for under 400 hundred dollars you will be creating and recording you own music with a professional sound. There are also recording packages that will come with everything you need to start recording. Look into a package that has A mic , mic stand , studio monitors, an interface and software . You can find these for under 500 dollars.

I hope this ad was helpful check out amazon and ebay at the bottom of this page to start buying your own home recording studio.


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    • Ronnie Pistons profile image

      Ronnie Pistons 3 years ago from SC

      Cheap is the only way I go!