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Webs Site Builder 3 - How to build a social networking website

Updated on October 5, 2014
By (Retired)
By (Retired) | Source

Social network development

Developing a social network today is not as difficult as one might think, and especially if an individual looking to create one has zero web design knowledge, coding skills etc.

If you're looking to learn how to do so, this article will go into great detail as to what tooling you can utilize to develop a website social networking platform that has the ability to take you from having nothing solid on the web, to gaining the online potential your truly looking to have today.

No matter what you decide to build - Please don't be a copycat

By 10ch - Google frowns upon copying online content today, so keep in mind, even though you may begin to realize that this platform is super easy to utilize, be mindful of your originality, because it is essential today.
By 10ch - Google frowns upon copying online content today, so keep in mind, even though you may begin to realize that this platform is super easy to utilize, be mindful of your originality, because it is essential today. | Source

How does it all work?

Social networks are a cool way to connect with the online audience, and even if you're going to be competing with Facebook, and Google plus, it surely is worth a try to get your own out here online to fight the online trends as well.

Basically all it is, is an online portal for communications to and from computer to computer via website connection with user interaction, posts, comments, and sharing of their user content. These networks can be personal, group related or professional in nature, and where a membership section will digitally allow for cloud computing apps to make the sharing factors of posting any and all messages, images, videos, and audio files, have far reaching capabilities worldwide.

Since its all socially based, meaning it takes us humans to make the connections, it also enhances the way people choose to communicate with one another, and has unlimited potential to create online communities. (Facebook was mapped off of Myspace, and it also was social, and it was mapped off of Friendster, so on and so fourth, but copying the overall design of any of these networks is against the law.)

Introducing Webs Site Builder 3

Overall user rating of Webs

5 stars for Webs Site Builder 3

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Using Webs

To begin using Webs site builder all you need to do is create a user name and password on their website, and from that point onwards you have the option to bypass the payment options or choose any of their premium upgrade options.

The network will provide you with template availability tooling, and you can designate as to what type of website you will be developing onto their platform. Once all your info is complete and received, you will then be lead to the administrators screens, where you will then have to become much more familiar with.

The developers there used HTML5 & CSS to design this new Site Builder 3 platform, and it truly excels for us all in putting out top notch high quality web designs, modern graphics functionality as well as improved site loading performance. (Link to Wikipedia's info on this awesome drag & drop web design tool)


Sharing tools & the social web today

Many people have chosen online writing and blogging as well, and as a formative method in which to attract viewers to their business web locations. A great deal of them have also learned to adapt online in terms of earning revenue streams by having to become video editors (Article on learning to use Windows Live Movie Maker that surely helps Windows PC users), film makers, and even funny or weird videos makers, that tend to go viral at times, and many online content creators have been somewhat forced to join the Youtube network to survive today.

So by making such online efforts its definitely working out for many on their way towards online success, and for all intensive purposes by sharing their content socially, and professionally as well.

So when you own a social platform of your very own, users can join in on the sharing from your web location as well, utilizing much of their content they have to offer from other official web locations they've joined.

Sharing buttons are also available to share on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Digg, and loads more. Learning to adapt to this world of online everything is not easy at all, and may take years to master, but when done correctly the digital skies is the limit. You can use embed codes (Article on learning how to use the profile widget embed code, to share your Hubpages profile widget on your website) from many differing networks as titled above onto your social network, and they all can also help to add a flair of social elements to your location.

Steps to get started

  1. First you will need to get a user account on the Webs Site Builder 3 editing platform (Creating a unique password is essential here as well.).
  2. Second select a type of website you would like to build.
  3. These options appear as: Business, Personal or Groups/Organization
  4. Once you've chosen your style of website, you will be presented with a grouping of template that relates to such an option selected.
  5. This is when you shall choose the temporary look and feel for your social networking website.

Why opting out is wise? (Learn the drag & drop controls)

  1. Once your done, the system directs you to the payment options screen.
  2. You can opt out of purchasing a domain, and just give the administrative tools a try or decide to make a domain purchase at a later time, but its highly recommended for you to get a feel for the drag and drop controls first before anything.
  3. Plus making the purchase to soon may be a waste of money, if you decide not too go on with your development, and so get into learning the system there if anything.
  4. Try to figure out one thing at a time, there are many hidden screens, menu options, and just like any other web development online tool or platform. (Its very similar to wordpress, but advanced with its drag and drop on screen tools)
  5. There's a web location that's dedicated to helping folks get things up and running with the usage of Webs, and its known as FPC-Virtual which is also a good example of what you can come up with over time. (This web location was designed to help the online community with these web developments, and is always available for providing assistance or additional tips.)
  6. If you choose to only purchase a domain there from their server host, its fairly cheap and isn't going to hurt your wallet any. (Just don't forget to opt out of buying anything at the start of your sign up process, you can always decide later or in the future)

Bonus SEO Tips

The benefits of developing using Webs site builder platform

There's loads of benefits of developing your social network using Webs. Here are some of the highlights that has helped me to see a smarter way of doing things online using them.

  • You have advanced drag and drop tools at your service, you don't need to understand web coding languages, but if you do have such knowledge there is a HTML coding option there as well.
  • The Cloud Apps, and social plugins are amazing and some are draggable onto the screen as well.
  • You can integrate your Facebook social connections into your new social network you will be developing if you choose, which is known as FB intergration.
  • Video and image content can be dragged directly from your desktop onto the screen using icon elements.
  • The design tools are simple to learn, and you can arrange the screen how you see fit.
  • You can change background templates whenever you wish, and there is always going to be future upgrades.
  • The social networking app, allows you to share with the world in ways similar to any other official social platform, with share buttons, comment areas, forums, and FB like or flagging options.
  • It has an automated anti-spamming built in detection system for any incoming content per say if you decide to set up a testimonial section, or forum or what have you.
  • The anti-spammer system allows you to moderate any content you deem inappropriate, and it saves you time, as well as money trying to get rid of the pesky spam from invaders, or bot programs.
  • You have so much control of this social platform it will help any business take off if they have a community or existing following, and they can move them onto this highly professional platform as well.

Note: if you are new to the whole website development profession, you may need to do your research as to what it takes to develop a following socially, and to be able to share your web location professionally, and fairly so that you yourself aren't looked at as a spammer, or as unprofessional. (Learn all about good SEO, usage of blogs and keywords, also study up on all the rules and regulations Google Panda, and Penguin have put out for web developers and web masters, because Google commands the web today in terms of search results.)

Preview of Admin Controls for page changes

Administrative Controls

The video above shows you in great detail how to go about utilizing the administrators functions, onscreen options and so that you can get a much better feel for the user interface, the hidden menus, apps usage, domain options and controls.

  • You can collaborate with users you choose to select and from anywhere on the globe, simply by learning to master the user controls from the admin section on Webs.
  • Learning the ropes here plays a huge role in being able to generate a powerful online community of professionals, friends who just care to make something fun together, and each person you select to be an admin there, gains access to the development tools as well.
  • This changes the way the social elements work altogether, and if you choose to turn this into a business for web design in the future. You can also have your clients make you the admin on their new network your designing for them, and if they choose not to develop the website themselves.
  • This makes for a smarter way to do things digitally and all thanks to the site builder and the dedicated web developers there.

I rated Webs from the scale of 1-5, at a 5 star rating, because I been a developer there since December 2009 and I've learned so much, and grown into a much wiser entrepreneur online as well by using their design platform.

Once your done adding your content this step helps a great deal


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      @mpropp, it only cost 29.99 for the whole year to purchase a domain using Webs, you don't need to purchase anything else from them though (It includes bandwidth, and loads of storage space) .

      They offer a great deal of options at the sign up phase, but I opt out of them all each time I choose to start a new account, not that you need more then one, you can build multiple sites into a single account as well and own several domains on one too.

      How to opt out of the initial domain purchase screen is once, you get into the Admin controls and all, you can then decide to only purchase the domain without all the added extra's.

      You can also transfer a domain to them that you own already, because they are an official domain host. Now if you decide to own a domain from them for more then a year, they reduce the cost tremendously, like for 2 years it becomes 39.99, and for a 5 year domain ownership 75.00, so on and so fourth.

      I highly recommend this for people looking to start their own social network, its not a blogging platform like wordpress, and wordpress is super spammy. If you like check them out, do the needed research and all, some folks don't like the new site builder, but I love it.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      @botipton, thanks again for giving my hubs a good read and comment.

    • mpropp profile image

      Melissa Propp 5 years ago from Minnesota

      Very nicely written CloudExplorer! This is way beyond me at this point, but I still found your article to be very interesting and informative. I know you said it was inexpensive, but do you have a rough estimate of how much per month? Also, I hadn't heard of this but I have heard of wordpress. Do you prefer webs site builder 3 over wordpress?

    • botipton profile image

      Bo Tipton 5 years ago from Cecilia, KY

      I have had a Social Network at Spruz for awhile but am going to check out Webs. I can tell by reading this it is much easier.