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How to buy a laptop online from the US and ship to Nigeria

Updated on November 6, 2012

Get laptops at the right price

When you want to buy your next laptop or just a new one, one of the best ways to buy them is at online US stores.

Buying a laptop online from US stores from Nigeria is one of the coolest ways to acquiring one rather than buying from Local stores in Nigeria and this is only if you are not much concerned about the time involved.

How to buy laptops online from US websites

  1. First get a Visa or Mastercard from your bank in USD
  2. Get a US mail forwarding address
  3. Go to a website like Amazon and browse for Laptops
  4. Select the brand you want and order. Pay with your card
  5. Ship to your US address
  6. Do final shipping to Nigeria
  7. Pay the shipping fee
  8. Expect it in Nigeria within a week

Why not buy from local Nigerian stores?

Although it may be quicker to just pick up a laptop from a local Nigerian store and take it home almost immediately, there are still some benefits to be derived from shopping online at US websites.

Benefits of shopping for laptops at US websites

  1. Getting it from the source and with good quality
  2. Getting it at the right price
  3. Convenience of online shopping from home
  4. Laptops in Nigeria are sold at a much higher price


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