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How to buy a new laptop?

Updated on March 30, 2015

How to decide what laptop to buy?

For me the first thing I look for when i buy a new laptop is the feel of the keyboard. If you can't type on a computer, then what good is it? Some recent laptop ideas which were quite bad included the use of a membrane keyboard which is almost impossible to type on, whether or not you are a touch typist. Considering the high prices of some of these laptops/tablets, I am amazed at how bad the keyboards still are. Some major version offers different colors, but this is not important compared to being able to type on the computer efficiently and I have found that this is not an easy thing to do based on the size of the keyboard and how close the different keys are.

The other issue with a laptop is the battery life. I have always been amazed at how quickly the batteries on the laptops I have owned run out of power, so more often than not, I leave the battery plugged in and of course this lessens the life of the laptop even more.

Another issue is speed and for me I need at least 8G of memory on a laptop due to the heavy technical work I sometimes do, which includes Microsoft development software. Without a doubt as far as speed is concerned, the memory of the machine is the most important part of a new computer as far as increasing speed. There is nothing more annoying than your laptop freezing up because it ran out of memory. Very often in these cases you might have to just restart the laptop again because many times you can't just wait for the memory to become free or to be reclaimed after its no longer used.

As far as storage, this is no longer an issue for all computers because nobody is going to really need more than 500G and almost all computers come with at least 500G of storage today because storage is cheap. However, the storage issue becomes relevant when you have to make a decision on whether to buy a much smaller flash hard drive that has no moving parts or the more traditional type of computer that has the standard hard drive that has far more memory. The huge advantage of a static flash drive is that it will boot up much faster than a normal computer and on top of this the battery life will be much longer because flash memory takes much less energy.

Buying a new laptop takes many decisions and involve individual taste as well. The biggest decision right now is to buy a computer than has much less storage but boots up faster and has longer battery life as opposed to buying a traditional computer that can have as much as a Terra-byte of storage but has a moving hard drive and will boot up much slower.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface
Microsoft Surface | Source

Most important considerations for buying a new laptop

What are the most important things you look for when buying a new laptop?

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