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How to buy a recharge card online

Updated on November 9, 2012

A recharge card is an airtime card containing a PIN that allows gsm subscribers to load airtime credit to their phones. It is simply a phone card for topping up your airtime credit.

Ever since the privatization and growth of telecommunication services in Nigeria, recharge cards have also become a vital commodity as people from time to time need to top up credit to their phone lines.

Initially, recharge cards were commonly bought physically from local vendors but with the growth in e-commerce in Nigeria, more and more people prefer now to buy it online as it is more convenient and saves time.

There are now a growing number of recharge card vending websites where you can easily buy airtime online, make payment with your ATM or credit card and get the PINs delivered to you by sms. You just need to make sure you are dealing with a reliable website and that they offer the right service to you.

How to buy a recharge card online

  1. Visit a recharge card vending site
  2. Register if it is youur first time
  3. Select your network
  4. Choose the cards you want and the amount
  5. Proceed to checkout and payment
  6. Make payment with your debit or credit card
  7. The pins will be sent to you by sms and/or email

Things needed to buy recharge card online

  1. Internet connection
  2. ATM card or other accepted card
  3. Reliable website

Some websites that sell recharge cards online

  • Etranzact:

Sending Airtime to someone in Nigeria

If you are outside Nigeria, you can also buy airtime credit and send to someone in Nigeria or even do a direct top up. This is good for people abroad sending topups to their loved ones like parents or other close family and friends.. You can do this by simply going to the gsm companies website and purchase a topup credit on behalf of that person. Payment options available include Paypal, credit card and moneybookers.


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