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How to change from one mobile service provider to other- mobile number portability

Updated on April 21, 2012

Yes , Now you can move from one mobile service provider to another one at merely Rs 19. This facility is called number portability, now available in India

What is mobile number portability. It simply allows you to change from one mobile service provider to another service provider without changing your mobile number. It is allowed only now in India. Surely it will increase the competition between mobile networks. Now the only reason withdrawing customers from one mobile network to another is the hesitance to give new number to all contacts. Now this problem is removed. Surely it will increase competition between operators. This is good for customers as it will decrease call charges. Also while moving from one region to another you do not need to go roaming. You can change operator at low cost of Rs19

How to avail number portability facility

Step 1

Type PORT on your number then leave a space and then type your current 10 digit number. Send this sms to 1900.

You will get a confirmation number in replay with a unique port number.

Step 2.

Buy a sim of new service provider with application form, photo and identity card. Also give the unique port number that you got in step 1

Step 3

The charge for number portability is only Rs 19. The new service may charge some small charge for sim card. All your activities end here. Now all work is between service providers. This may take one week. During the changing time of nearly 2 or 3 hours your number will be dead.

Any way this is a good news for mobile users. So take the maximum out of this service.


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    • profile image

      Alvin2nice 6 years ago

      Please i dont know how to activate etisalat 100mb please help me mY EMail

    • profile image

      Saidu 6 years ago

      Yes is good

    • kipronor profile image

      kipronor 6 years ago from Nairobi

      great piece, but Sim portability didn't just Kick it in Kenya