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How to choose an iPhone case

Updated on December 12, 2013


Choosing a cover for an iPhone is an essential part of owning a new handset. Covers have become essential accessories to accompany the smartphone, and pretty much as soon as a new iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s or 5c is purchased, there's almost a cover to go with it.

Very few people use their iPhone without a case. This is dangerous - the screen could get cracked or scratched, and the outer case could also be chipped. Covers also help to personalise a new handset.

But how do you go about choosing what kind of protection to buy for a new iPhone? Or even replacing an old cover?

There are millions of cases available. And the secondary market selling iPhone accessories is almost as big as the market for new handsets.

Here is a guide looking at different needs in order to narrow down the search, and show how to choose a case or cover for an iPhone.


This is generally the first consideration when choosing a case for an iPhone. What will you be doing? What function will the cover provide? Just how much protection is needed?

The luxury leather flip wallet case is perfect for professionals and business people
The luxury leather flip wallet case is perfect for professionals and business people

Business people and professionals

Those who use their iPhone in a professional workplace setting, perhaps interacting with clients or in an office, need a cover that is smart and professional. They might also want to purchase one that's a bit more expensive, in order to 'look the part' during their job.

There are many folio wallet style cases available. These are flip cases that have a folding flap that covers the screen. Inside the flip cover there are also often slots for business cards and small bits of paper to be stored. A high quality flip cover should cost around $10USD. Why not go for a folio flip case made for leather for an extra touch of class?

Recommended case: Luxury real leather vintage flip case

The Hello Kitty silicone 3D cover... ideal for  children and teenagers, especially girls
The Hello Kitty silicone 3D cover... ideal for children and teenagers, especially girls

Children and teenagers

The market for iPhone users is vast. It ranges from middle-aged professionals all the way to children and teenagers. This is the biggest group, along with young women, which will be using their covers - and indeed the iPhone itself - as a fashion statement.

For this group of people, the idea behind getting a cover is to 'pesonalise' their handset. It's to stamp their own style and character on the phone, and separate it from all the other identical handsets among their friends. Practicality is not so important for them. A cover that is bright and attractive, perhaps with a logo or 3D design, is more important than one that protects the phone.

Recommended case: Hello Kitty silicone rubber 3D cover

Manual workers

Another large demographic of people who use iPhones is manual workers. This includes construction workers, truckers, mechanics, carpenters, and other similar professions. During their working day they will have dirty hands, come into contact with lots of dust, and also be working around heavy, powerful machines. These are present a real danger that the new iPhone could be severely damaged. The biggest practical consideration for this group of people is protection! They need a strong cover that will protect their handset from bumps, scratches, falls, knocks and other hazards. The case must be strong, thick and heavier than other covers.

Recommended: Military tough survivor hard rugged case


Choosing an iPhone case is related to personality. The cover will display interests, desires and ideas. It is essentially an extension of our mind and our life!


There are basically two types of people - introverts and extroverts. Personality is reflected in everything we do - our clothes, our cars, our houses and our jobs. It is the same with an iPhone cover. The case is simply an extension of our personality, and perhaps our interests.

Extroverts generally want covers that catch people's attention. They want to make a statement about themselves, and they want people to say 'wow, cool case!'. They want to show the world who they are and what they are interested in. For these reasons an extrovert should choose a cover that displays on of their interests. It could be their favourite cartoon character, the favouirte actor, sports club or band. The cover will also be bright and colourful, possibly even one of the large 3D hard plastic or silicone varieties that are becoming increasingly popular


Introverted people are much more shy. They do not feel comfortable when the attention is on them. And that includes on their iPhone, too!

Introverts are best to choose plain and basic covers that fulfill the simple function of protecting their handset. If they work in offices, a black folio case is ideal. For a girl, a simple pink silicone skin would do. The cover should be subdued like them, and mix into the crowd. There are many of these kind of covers available, and they're also much cheaper!


Prices for an iPhone cover are generally between $4USD and $20USD depending on the design, the quality, the brand and the store in which they are purchased. Of course, come covers are much more expensive. The iPhone knucklecase worn by Rihanna retailed at $100USD! But generally, covers are inexpensive.

My advice is always buy covers from eBay. High Street stores have to increase the price drastically in order to cover their overheads - rent, staff bills, utilities bills, business rates, marketing and other expenses. eBay sellers have none of these, which is why they are cheaper. I have seen covers on eBay for as little as $4USD, and then seen exactly the same product in a market stall or High Street shop for as much as $30USD! And people were buying them! Do not waste your money... find the same cover cheaper online.

Simple hard plastic covers or plain silicone skins or bumpers are the most inexpensive. With shipping they could be as little as $3USD. The more expensive products tend to include high quality covers, such as handmade varieties, authetic brands and also 3D silicone covers based on cartoons.

Choose an iPhone cover based on your practical needs, your personality and your budget!


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