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How to Clear Browser Cache and Cookies on iPhone

Updated on February 21, 2018
Photo by Jaelynn Castillo on Unsplash
Photo by Jaelynn Castillo on Unsplash

When you access the internet on your iPhone, the browser saves an awful lot of data about your every move. Looked at an image on a blog? Cache it! Wandered into an online store? Let’s save its cookie so the store can show you ads wherever you go. While this hoarding behavior does make your browsing experience better (websites load faster, for instance), eventually the browser can get too bloated and waste unreasonable amounts of iPhone storage. Not to mention you might not want all that info about your browsing history stored forever. So, to get more privacy and a cleaner iPhone, learn how to clear history, cookies, and cache on iPhone — in each of the three major browsers.

Clear Safari cache, history, and cookies on iPhone

Safari is iPhone’s default browser, so odds are high you’ve never used any other. Just picture the amounts of data it has accumulated over the months! Fortunately, Apple lets you clear Safari history and cache quite easily. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to Settings > Safari
  2. To clear your search history, cookies, and all the other data, scroll down to Clear History and Website Data and tap it
  3. To remove cookies from your iPhone but keep your history, scroll even further down to Advanced > Website Data > Remove All Website Data

This should do the trick.

This is how you remove cookies and other stuff in Safari for iOS
This is how you remove cookies and other stuff in Safari for iOS

Clear browsing history, cache, and cookies in Chrome for iPhone

Chrome on desktop is notorious for gobbling up a lot of storage because of how much cache it stores. Chrome for iPhone is guilty of that, too, so you might want to clear your search history and cache every once in a while. This is how you do it in Chrome:

    1. Open the app
    2. Tap More in the upper-right corner
    3. Go to History > Clear Browsing Data
    4. Check mark the items you want removed (browsing history, cookies and site data, cached images and files, saved passwords, autofill data)
    5. Tap Clear Browsing Data

Done! Keep in mind that clearing cache can sometimes slow down the websites you visit, because Chrome does re-cache all their images and data, but you will trim quite a lot of weight off your browser.

Clearing browsing data in Chrome for iPhone
Clearing browsing data in Chrome for iPhone

Remove cookies, cache, and history in Firefox

Firefox is a great browser with some diehard fans, so if you’re one of them you probably use it on your iPhone or iPad, too. And just like Safari and Chrome, Firefox accumulates cache and cookies with the best of intentions. To clear all that data, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Firefox
  2. Tap the menu icon in the bottom-right corner
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Scroll down to Clear Private Data and tap it

This will remove your cookies, clear your browsing history, cache, offline website data, and saved logins.

And here's how you clear cache and cookies on Firefox. Still for iPhone.
And here's how you clear cache and cookies on Firefox. Still for iPhone.

That’s it, now you know how to clear browser cache, cookies, and history on an iPhone. Any questions or thoughts — let me know in the comments.

© 2018 Alice Cauldron


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