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How to make a promotional or corporate video production

Updated on September 5, 2013

What is a promotional video?

A promotional or promo video is usually thought of as a short (4 minutes or less) video designed to promote or advertise a business, product, event, concept or organization. They are typically used on a company website to give the viewer some background on the company's products or services. Often promo videos are used as part of a social media campaign and used as a publicity tool. I've been producing promotional videos for the past 10 years and this articles is an attempt to help you make or commission a video that will help to raise the profile of your business.

What is a corporate video?

I'm describing corporate videos as different from promotional videos in that they are not always intended for promotion. Often they are intended for purely internal use within a company for many reasons such as training or simply to raise morale within a workforce. Training videos are a common inquiry from all types of businesses and organisations as video can be a very powerful way of communicating information in an easily digestible and personal way. Both promotional and corporate videos often based around interviews with key personnel and can be Similar in style too short documentaries.

Why use promotional and corporate video?

Video is an incredibly powerful way of communicating information and personality. In a world where business is increasingly conducted via the Internet, conveying personality behind an otherwise faceless company through video can be invaluable in promoting trust from customers. Online video is also a very efficient means of communicating information. With YouTube now as the second largest search engine behind Google, it is clear that people have a preference for receiving content through video.

What are the SEO benefits of online video production?

A promotional video can be used within a video sharing platform such as YouTube to great effect. Not only is youtube the second largest search engine but YouTube videos also rank very well within the universal search within Google. It's often easier to rank a YouTube video in google for a keyword than it is to rank a website for the same keyword. Also, for embedded videos within a website its can reduce bounce rate and entice the viewer to spend more time on a website also helping SEO.

Should I commission a video production company or take a DIY approach?

As a video production company myself I am perhaps a little biased toward the former though there are many instances where a DIY approach can work very well. For a well established company where company image and branding is important, a well produced video with high production values is essential. Any badly produced video that looks cheap can damage a brand. However, for some purposes, it is perfectly acceptable to release a series of rough and ready clips. An example might be customer testimonials for release in social media where the viewer might see a over produced video as contrived and less believable. I've worked with some companies that release a regular output of information via informal discussion groups and talking heads monologues. Here, the production values play a secondary role to the content. A simple one camera set up that can easily be conducted in house is more efficient than bringing in a video production company every time. When I advise companies to take this route I always suggest using an external microphone as viewers may forgive less than professional picture quality but will not forget that sound quality.

How to commission a video production company

You may have a clear idea of the type of video you wish to make and if so it will make the video production company's job much easier in advising and quoting a rough cost. If not, it is fine to make an open ended enquiry and simply ask for suggestions in how your business might be able to use video. Trying to give as much information as possible as to what your purpose is and the type of viewer you intend to appeal to. If you have an idea of style and the type of video you're looking for this can really help. If you can find any videos online that are similar in style, It is useful for any video production company to see these. In order to give you a quote and a rough idea of schedule, the production company will need to work out how much shooting time is involved and how much editing. Shooting time can vary from a half day to one or more full weeks. You will need to have some idea of how many interviews you would like included and some of the extra relevant footage that might be shot to illustrate these interviews. Often a one-day shoot is sufficient to film a handful of interviews and enough material to put together a balance and well illustrated short video. Often however, more days may be required to fit in with the busy schedules of the participants.

How much does a corporate video cost?

This is often the first question asked by customers looking to commission a video. For a video production company however, it is not always easy to answer without some information about the company and what you are intending. The main variations in costs are around the amount of shooting time and the complexity of the edit. A typical branding publicity video might entail a one-day shoot and the two day edit. If you require animation or motion graphics this can add to the cost. Music can greatly enhance a corporate video though consideration must be taken so as not to breach any copyright issues. Most video production companies will suggest using copyright free music which can be purchased at low cost. We usually charge a flat fee for the use of music in a short video. Other costs in the production process can usually be put down to administration which covers everything from meetings to sending the clients rough edits of ongoing production. Our typical workflow involves putting together a rough edit within a week or so of the shoot which we would then send to the client for feedback and/or revision. We then make a final edit based on any feedback. Usually, one round of revisions is sufficient though sometimes more unnecessary to create a product that you are completely happy with. Video production companies vary in their policy of handling revisions. We generally offer unlimited revisions for free within reason. The overall cost of a typical corporate or promotional video can vary from £1000 to well into the tens of thousands.

An example of a corporate video

Here is our corporate video showreel which is a montage of many video production projects over the past few years.

Promo Video - Showreel


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