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How to connect your Macbook to a HD TV.

Updated on January 16, 2012

Moshi Minidisplay to HDMI

This is the ports you will be looking for.
This is the ports you will be looking for. | Source
Moshi. Nicely made, fits in perfectly with all the apple products.
Moshi. Nicely made, fits in perfectly with all the apple products. | Source

First things first..

Right, the things you'll need will be;
A HDMI cable,


Mini-displayport to HDMI adapter,

Also a TV.

The first thing you need to do is

Connect the HDMI cable into the back of your television and take note of what channel you need to be on. For example on my telelvision I plugged the HDMI cable into HDMI port 3, you need to make sure you are on the correct channel or nothing will show.

Secondly you need to buy a HDMI to Mini-display port cable and connect them both. Then connect them to the Macbook. You need to make sure you've got a processor of 2.4GHz or better or else it won't work. You can check this from clicking the apple button up on the top left then clicking 'About this mac' then looking at the processor speed.

After connecting all of the cables, you'll notice your Macbook screen will go all weird as will the television screen, give it a minute to load up and sort it's self out and then once it's all done. You'll need to go onto System Preferences to set up the audio and display.

First we'll sort out the display, there's two ways you can use the second screen, you can use it to either have as a second display, as you can make your screen double the size, or you can mirror the image. Basically, if you want to see what you see on the Macbook's screen on the TV at the same time you'll want to mirror the image.

So, after going off a bit you're in System Preferences and then into Display. If you look at the bottom left hand corner of the displays box you'll notice it says 'Show displays in menu bar'. You'll want to ensure that's ticked to facilitate things later on. Now you'll notice you'll have a little TV up near your clock. Click that and detect displays, and now you should have two displays listed. Also on the drop down menu you'll notice it says something about Mirror image, now is the time to click Mirror image or not, total personal preference. After you've set all of that up, either 720p, 1080p what ever you choose it should show up on your TV. Looks amazing doesn't it?

Now for the audio, this bit is simple! Go into your system preferences again and click sound. You'll want to click sound output, now if you look below you'll see internal speakers which should be highlighted, just click the TV and voila!

You've now got your Macbook connected to your TV, looks absolutely amazing doesn't it?

If you're having trouble fitting the entire screen on the TV try playing about with the settings of the TV. For example, I output the picture from my Macbook on 720p as for some reason 1080p doesn't fit on my TV screen, the top or bottom is missing. Also if you go into your TV settings with your remote and find the picture section, ensure that the picture is set to Just scan or something similar as setting it to 16:9 or something else will cut the picture off what ever the setting.

I hope i've helped you all set up your Macbook's to your TV, now you can go on Youtube and watch video's on your TV's, iPlayer, all of it!

Hope it works, if not drop me a message and i'll try to sort it out!

Video explaining how to use it correctly!


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    • profile image 18 months ago

      hey, my macbook pro is from a late 2011 and when i connect the hdmi port to my AKIRA 21inch tv, on hdmi port 1/2/3 it gives out a "no signal"

      i dont knw what else to do with it, is there any other way for me to fix this?

    • profile image

      Jimmie 3 years ago

      I tried connecting all the cords(HDMI, mini display) to both my computer and the laptop. When I go into settings, it doesn't bring up an option that shows the device is connected. Even when I click show displays in menu bar, nothing happens. I am wondering what I am doing wrong.

    • profile image

      Dereka 4 years ago

      Wow! What help you guys were! My boyfriend and I could not figure that darned thing out, and then YOU came along and helped us out. Thank you!

    • hdmiguru profile image

      Tobias 4 years ago from Germany

      Great article! I might just add the different Mac models and their audio support:

    • profile image

      Chris 5 years ago

      Spring 2010 models and earlier do not support audio via display port/hdmi.

    • profile image

      scott 5 years ago

      All went perfectly, but in the Sound output options, our TV was not listed. Result: we could only hear sound through the macbook's internal speakers. What to do?