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How to import bookmarks from Desktop to Kindle Fire HD on the Chrome browser

Updated on December 18, 2012

I've added quite a number of bookmarks to my Desktop's Google chrome browser as they are an easy way to browse the web as it allows me to just click on those saved links to reach websites I normally visit on a regular basis such as Google webmasters, Yahoo mail, Facebook, CNN and some local newspaper websites. So saving bookmarks on your browser can really be a time saver such that you don't have to Google for your favourite websites all the time.

Now that I've been using Kindle Fire HD for browsing and have just recently installed Google Chrome beta on it, which is suitable for Android devices, I've not really been finding it easy to browse the web without bookmarks. So I had wished that my bookmarks from my desktop would be transferred to that on my Kindle Fire HD.

Google offers a free and easy way to export bookmarks

One of the first and funny thing I tried doing was trying to exporting bookmarks in a html form, uploading it online and then trying to download it to Chrome browser from my Kindle. Funny, it didn't work for me until I saw a link that allows me to synchronize my bookmarks.

All you need to do is to sign into your Google chrome account using your Google account and also do the same on your. Just go to "Menu > Sign into Chrome" and do the same when using the browser on Kindle. This would ensure that your bookmarks and other settings are synchronized.

How Google chrome browser synchronization works

When I say synchronize, I mean updating all the records so that they have the same kind of data. If you are a Chrome browser user and you have signed into Chrome with your Google account, your settings and Bookmarks would automatically be copied to any other computer, laptop or tablet that you've also logged int from the chrome browser. So it is an easy way to copy bookmarks from your desktop to Kindle using Chrome.

Things you need

  1. Internet connection
  2. Google account
  3. Chrome browser


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