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How to transfer files from phone to Kindle Fire HD

Updated on December 20, 2012

I noticed that the old Kindle Fire doesn't offer as much options for transferring files as the Kindle Fire HD. What do you do if you wanted to just copy some files from your mobile phone to Kindle Fire?

Options available for copying files to Kindle Fire HD from phone

  • Copying to computer and then phone
  • Copying to Kindle directly using bluetooth

You guessed right. The old kindle fire didn't have the option for bluetooth which the new Kindle Fire HD has.

Copying to computer and then to Kindle

You can transfer files from your phone first to a computer using a usb cable or memory card and then do the final transfer to a Kindle. Somehow, this may seem lame but it seems much faster than using a wireless transfer like bluetooth

Copying directly to Kindle from phone using bluetooth

You can also transfer files directly to your Kindle from your phone if your phone already has a bluetooth connection. You just need to pair them so that transfers can be done easily. Somehow, I've noticed that bluetooth transfers tend to take more time. What do you think?

Files that you can transfer to Kindle

You can transfer a lot of files to Kindle like mp3s, mp4s, apks and zip files.


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