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How to copy video files to Kindle Fire HD

Updated on January 1, 2013

Watching videos on Kindle Fire HD is actually a wonderful experience as the cute display together with audio clarity and its extended battery life makes watching videos a great deal.

There are lots of movies to choose from when it comes to entertaining yourself but how do you get the movies you want copied to your Kindle Fire HD? Well it's quite simple but first of all you have to make sure that it is in the right format.

Ever since I got my Kindle HD, it didn't really come with any stored videos and I could only just watch movie trailers on it. Recently however, I have been adding a couple of short video clips on them and they are mostly music videos. It is much easier to first download the videos to your computer and then copy them to your Kindle in a few minutes. If they are in the right format, Kindle would play it.

How to copy movies to Kindle Fire HD from your computer

  1. Ensure that you have the movie files in your computer already in mp4 or 3gp format
  2. Connect your Kindle Fire HD to the source device via usb cable or bluetooth. USB cable is faster
  3. Transfer the files by copying to movie folder in Kindle internal storage

After that, you can always watch your videos by tapping the video link on your Kindle home screen.

What if the videos are not in the required format? Well, there are many free online software that you can use to convert any video to mp4 and 3gp format. You can even convert lots of Youtube videos to mp4 using any of those free tools.

How many videos can my Kindle device store? As much as your disk space allows it. The basic Kindle Fire HD comes with about 16 gb of internal storage so it really depends on the size of your videos. Most full length videos are about 1 gb and so that would make 16 videos. However if they were short videos of maybe 200 mb each, then it may allow up to 80 of such 200 mb sized videos.


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